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November 14, 2022


Just now catching up on the GP, and very pleased with a strong finish by Carlos and Charles. One more race to defend P2 in both championships.


Max was kind of a jerk though, no?


Listened to Homer Confinement

Listened to Homer Confinement

Tamar brings the case against her husband, Aslan. Aslan reads Homer’s The Odyssey to their three year old child at bedtime. Tamar claims that this bedtime routine is contributing to their son having nightmares. But Aslan says their son requests it! Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

By Judge John Hodgman


Listened to 21: Brazilian Grand Prix Review

For the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix, Mercedes have found some pace and a World Champion has found some serious controversy. Myke and Austin break it all down for this episode of The Backmarkers!

By The Backmarkers


Listened to Dear Internet Episode 131: Cory and Her

Dear Internet,On this week’s show, we talk about a love poem, plastic containers, and what to bring to a haunting. Edited by Stephen Garcia Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

By Dear Internet