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December 05, 2022


So, The Peripheral is a fun show, but I think it is probably too high concept to survive until it reaches a satisfying conclusion.

I hope I’m wrong. Chloe Grace Moretz is fantastic.


Listened to Fullcast After Dark: Why Bama Should Make The Playoff Anyway

SHOW NOTES Championship games, dissected! An appearance by the mysterious fourth Gruden! Nick Saban has to shill for his team against his will in several directions, lol Many metaphors for USC’s tackling of Utah are entertained! The two brain halves of this show finally fuse together just in time to create rassling legend XXXtetson Bennett In this house we respect Kelee Ringo! We (the podcast) have taken over the AFC East ALTERNATIVE PLAYOFF SOLUTIONS FOR UNHAPPY PARTIES INCLUDE: Hell With A 12-Team Playoff We Made A Five Team Playoff; Put Bama In No Matter What; Give TCU The One Seed; Give Bama Two Playoff Spots As Stewards Of The Game; Discarding All Possible Four Seeds And Drafting A New One Holly has some theories Inventing the anti-get back coach Gratitude list! Not a joke!! Ryan looks back on a year as The Only Emotionally Balanced Ohio State Fan A&M didn’t play this weekend but we have some things to say about Jimbo anyway Visit sunny preownedairboats.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…

By Shutdown Fullcast