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December 06, 2022


The captain experiences unexplainable flashbacks. A strange man follows Maura to her cabin where a boy is hiding. A bug leads to a tragedy on deck.

Watched on Trakt


Maura helps a pregnant woman. The captain makes a brave decision after receiving a message from a lost ship β€” and discovers something mind-bending.

Watched on Trakt


Watched Spirited (2022)

Each Christmas Eve, the Ghost of Christmas Present selects one dark soul to be reformed by a visit from three spirits. But this season, he picked the wrong Scrooge. Clint Briggs turns the tables on his ghostly host until Present finds himself reexamining his own past, present and future.

Watched on Trakt


Just gave ChatGPT the prompt β€œWrite a short story about Jesus Christ and Santa Claus engaged in an epic battle to prove who is the true reason for the season. There should be a clear winner and the loser should be forever vanquished.”

I was not disappointed in the response. Try it yourself!


Battling the raging whitewater at Nugget Creek, Dustin and crew must build a safe harbor for their dredge. Meanwhile, legendary miner Fred Hurt returns to help solve the mystery of the pilings gold.

Watched on Trakt


Happy post-conference COVID exposure notification day to all who celebrate.