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January 01, 2023


Made a very successful New Years Eve dinner. Sous vide ribeye roast, encrusted with spices, and and then finished on a ripping hot grill. French scalloped potatoes with shallots and nutmeg. Roasted asparagus with balsamic vinaigrette.

Nothing too complicated. Just delicious!


Bad news: I despise UGA.
Good news: I despise OSU*

Two amazing semifinal games for once! Now, we hope against hope that TCU wins it all.


It's Christmastime in the Hundred Acre Wood and all of the gang is getting ready with presents and decorations. The gang makes a list of what they want for Christmas and send it to Santa Claus - except that Pooh forgot to ask for something. So he heads out to retrieve the letter and get it to Santa by Christmas...which happens to be tomorrow!

Watched on Trakt