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February 17, 2023


Found an open box HDFury VRROOM for a great price and went for it today. It will allow me to trick my projector into displaying Dolby Vision / LLDV content. Results on AVSForum look stunning. Excited!



SHOW NOTES We asked for your stories of romantic triumph, and almost all of you sent something that resembles that! Good job! The first story is also the best story, so if you really want to you can bail after that Chiliโ€™s has run out of history The fusion cuisine that ended a three-year relationship Why women crave zeta males Ideal public settings for testing the big spoon/little spoon dynamic John Cena first-date fashion Canโ€™t spell GREASE 2 without a bigole G Whatโ€™s the best place to puke on a date? Learn the romantic history behind Ryanโ€™s grandmotherโ€™s wifi password A number of high-success methods for kidnapping Spencer Scenes From An Abandoned Italian Restaurant Surber is unleashed Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

By Shutdown Fullcast


Listened to Misdenomer

Listened to Misdenomer

Haley brings the case against her partner, Jonathan. Haley and Jonathan have a non-existent child named Belinda. Belinda started as a joke, but has become a symbol for their future together. Now that Haley and Jonathan are thinking seriously about having an actual child, Jonathan thinks the name Belinda would be perfect. Haley disagrees! Whoโ€™s right? Whoโ€™s wrong?

By Judge John Hodgman