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March 04, 2023


Charlie finds herself stranded in a motel during a blizzard. In order to survive the night, Charlie must decipher the deadly tension between her questionable companions.

Watched on Trakt


Parker battles a massive flood and weighs his first gold from virgin ground in Alaska. The Clayton brothers pray for a bonanza as they finally start mining Golden Acres. Tony brings in a secret weapon to open new ground.

Watched on Trakt


There are fires, alarms, bizarre banquets and surprising sound effects, as our five comics complete pointless tasks under the watchful eye of Greg Davies and Little Alex Horne

Watched on Trakt


Satisfied with a P3 and P4 finish in qualifying for Charles and Carlos. Encouraging to see the lap time very close with Red Bull. It’s a long season and with development, hopefully Ferrari can catch up and give Max a run for his money.


Listened to 524: The Anti-Fireplace Lobby

iPhone passcode thieves, John’s difficult living room, and the one trick you won’t believe the kids these days are doing to evade Screen Time limits.

By Accidental Tech Podcast