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Ads are UX pollution.


I’ve finally discovered a clear path to leaving Facebook entirely. Looking forward to moving all of my historical content to my website, and then deleting Facebook.


It’s 51°F in my neighborhood right now. The low tonight is 43°F! Yikes 🤭


Disappointed that Coach Kool is leaving the ‘Canes. He has had such a positive impact on the program. I’d love to see Kevin Patrick replace him! 🏈


The proper responses to the question: Are you on Facebook? 1. No. 2. Unfortunately.


Hey, cool. I can now post to my website via Hammerspoon :)


Just created a Lambda function that looks at my website's On This Day page, and publishes the memories to a special channel in my Microsub server.


There was a strange bug with syndication before, but I believe I've also fixed it for both Likes and Reposts a well.


Working on adding syndication for the composer in Together. I think I have it working now 😀


Good news: William has stopped throwing up and is eating some Italian ice. Could we be this lucky?


I thought we may make it through the flu season, but William woke up this morning and proceeded to vomit everywhere. I’m still hopeful it’s not the flu. 🤢