I’m prepping my MacBook Air and 2016 MacBook Pro for sale, so I can invest in an iPad Pro for personal use.


Checked into Rolling Hills Country Club

Dinner with the Morans. 🍀



San Francisco, I will be in you March 26-28. Hoping to set up some meetings. Let's talk cloud!

Checked into Aliki's Greek Taverna

Great anecdote that is equally applicable to software! I’ve managed too many developers obsessed with producing perfectly formed diamonds. Iterate!


The best cheese on a burger is the brightest, most unnatural yellow American cheese you can find.

Prove me wrong.


Checked into suburbia

Dinner with Billy Lawder visiting from St. Louis.


I blogged a thing about @awscloud for @reliam. Looking forward to this entire series.


Checked into Salt Creek Grille

Biz dinner