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I’m also genuinely not looking forward to this flight on WestJet. Five hours 😤


Getting ready to board my five hour flight back home to LA after a lovely week in Toronto. I’m exhausted, and ready for a good Father’s Day weekend!


Really enjoyed being on the “Public Cloud: Friend or Foe?” panel at . The opportunity for growth is massive, and embracing public cloud with open arms will be the key to success for @Reliam.


Just got off a call with a @Reliam customer advising them on how to make use of @awscloud SageMaker for a machine learning use case. Building out a data lake in S3, AWS Glue to discover the structure, and then SageMaker for ML.


I’ll be in Portland, OR for the 2018 IndieWeb Summit in a few weeks. If you’re interested in the future of the open web, I’d encourage you to join me. It’s one of my favorite events of the year!


Checked into Fran's

Thank God for 24 hour diners! I’m starving.


Why in the world is @Delta partnered with WestJet!? Not impressed. Airplane is cramped, with no in flight entertainment. No first class at all. No upgrades for Diamond medallions to “Plus” seats. Oh, and gate agent skipped Zone 1, leaving me trapped behind Zone 2.


Headed to beautiful Toronto to speak at @StructureRes infra // STRUCTURE Summit! Looking forward to an engaging trip.


iOS 12 beta is unbelievably stable for a first beta with one exception: FaceTime, which is decidedly “beta.”


Sitting at a pool on the side of a mountain with a good friend, drinking a margarita, and enjoying a cheeseburger. Life’s good!