The best cheese on a burger is the brightest, most unnatural yellow American cheese you can find.

Prove me wrong.


Checked into suburbia

Dinner with Billy Lawder visiting from St. Louis.


I blogged a thing about @awscloud for @reliam. Looking forward to this entire series.

Checked into Salt Creek Grille

Biz dinner

Checked into Aliki's Greek Taverna

OMG, I am starting episode 4 of Ugly Delicious, and the open is about Galatoire’s, one of my all time favorite restaurants. French Quarter classic, LaCour family Mecca 😉

Highly recommend the new Netflix series Ugly Delicious with David Chang. It’s an entertaining and thoughtful exploration of food, culture, and the strength of diversity. ❤️

Microsub has really been the missing piece of the puzzle. I love using Together + Aperture every single day. Nice work on the spec 😀

Checked into Ayara Lūk Pop-Up Thai Eatery

If you think Daylight Savings Time sucks, just wait until you’re a parent and DST hits. #GoTheEffToSleep