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Richard, it's early, but at last weekend's IndieWeb Summit in Portland, a small group of us started tinkering on what we hope could be the Timeline of the Open Web.

At this point, it's wireframing and prototyping, but check it out! We call it "together" and you can find more information on it on the IndieWeb wiki - - and on GitHub -

I believe that the what users will want isn't a traditional feed reader, but something more akin to the Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter timeline experience, but without nasty algorithms, ads, or surveillance capitalism.


Preview of Sunlit 2.0

Very excited to see Mantonย continuing to create and promote user-friendly applications and services that can help push the adoption of IndieWeb technologies like Micropub.


I had an amazing time at . Excited for the future of the open web!


Excited for day two of ! Starting off by helping attendees get started with @WordPress and .


Used @Ipstenu's "Bury Your Queers" Alexa Skill as an example of amazing tech in this session!


Y'all, we're gonna build an WebRing.


Interesting insights from @anomalily re: being a "Generation 2" participant. How can we Gen 1'ers enable her?


Now @anomalily is sharing how she uses @WordPress as a great way to be a part of the @IWS2017. is getting a lot of love in @t's keynote at for launching native.


I have arrived at Mozilla Portland for the 2017 IndieWeb Summit. Huzzah!


Checked into Mozilla Portland

IndieWeb Summit 2017!


Off to PDX for IndieWeb Summit 2017! Looking forward to building on the open web. โœŠ๐Ÿป๐ŸŽ‰


Also pondering how to best present @-mentions across the IndieWeb and how they should be represented in Curious to hear your thoughts, @Manton. Thinking my extensions to JSON Feed may be useful, here...


Replied to a post on :

@Kraft great to have you involved! It was good to hear @photomatt's views at WCEU. I think WP can and should lead by example in IndieWeb. But, it's going to take movement in core and Jetpack! exciting, feel free to reach out if you need any guidance. We're a happy and friendly bunch in the IndieWeb IRC/Slack channels, too. Thanks as well for the mention of my website :)