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Welp, @nealstephenson’s Snow Crash continues to be prescient. Facebook is building a burbclave.

I’d prefer Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong, tbh.


This is a ridiculously dumb take. Leaving Facebook has zero to do with privilege. People have no obligation to “help Facebook be better.” They’re a business. They’ve violated trust. Leave.


The obstacles I hear for getting off Facebook is “there is no good alternative for <X>,” where X is:

* Private groups (school parent groups, etc.).
* Event mgmt.

Market opportunity will create alternatives, but only if ppl leave Facebook.


Made an epic keto chicken curry for dinner tonight. Wowza! Delicious.


I've officially deleted my Facebook account, and it will disappear completely from Facebook within 14 days. It feels great.

I hope they go down in flames.


Checked into Burke Williams Spa

Anniversary massages with Lacey 😀


Excited to be hosting the inaugural South Bay Los Angeles @awscloud User Group at the gorgeous El Camp in El Segundo tonight! The whole @Reliam crew is here. ☁️🚀


Checked into El Camp

Inaugural South Bay AWS meetup!


Someone needs to make a bluetooth mechanical keyboard purpose-built for the iPad, portability and quality being the focus.