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Listened to Upgrade 229: A More Intentional Folding

This week we imagine how Apple might make an iPhone with a foldable OLED screen, discuss Apple’s fancy new iPad Pro videos, and Jason tries to explain NBC’s confusing new streaming service to Myke.

By Upgrade


Listened to 1/25: Assessing The Current State Of USC Football With Ryan Abraham + New Miami Head Coach Manny Diaz

Bruce is flying solo with two interviews in this week’s episode of The Audible. First up is the new Head Coach of the Miami Hurricanes, Manny Diaz, who talks about his path to becoming a Head Coach, the culture of Miami football, and they discuss the future of the Hurricane program. He is then joined by Ryan Abraham of USCFootball.com to discuss the current state of the USC program, the quick departure of Kliff Kingsbury, and what needs to be done to get the program back on track. **Trader Joe’s is the presenting sponsor of The Audible.**

By The Audible with Stew & Bruce


Listened to 310: Apple Playstore

Listened to 310: Apple Playstore

Our internets of things, our YouTube careers, and our theories on teenagers.

By Accidental Tech Podcast


Listened to Mac Power Users 466: John Gruber Returns

John Gruber of Daring Fireball and The Talk Show join David and Stephen for a discussion about writing and podcasting, as well as WWDC and what the future may hold for the iPad and Mac.

By Mac Power Users


Listened to Connected 226: The Instagram Secret Society

The boys discuss a bunch of Apple products that may be receiving refreshes after years of neglect, including the iPad mini and iPod touch, then are taught how to edit photos like pros by Tyler Stalman.

By Connected


Listened to 218: iOS 13 Major Changes Needed for the Future

iOS is no longer the simple, mainstream operating system Steve Jobs first showed off in January of 2007 with the original iPhone. But, it’s also not yet the sophisticated, pro-centric operating system geeks have been lusting for since Steve Jobs…

By Vector with Rene Ritchie


Listened to Mac Power Users 465: The Mighty Mac mini

Introduced as a low-cost way to switch to the Mac, the Mac mini can now be found working quietly as home and office servers, hosting files, media, backups and more.

By Mac Power Users


Listened to Upgrade 228: The Proof is In the Dust Tray

2019 iPhone rumor season is officially open! Will Apple add cameras to the phones of members? And why did Jason add a HomeKit lock and a Roomba to his collection of smart-home devices this Christmas?

By Upgrade


Listened to 216: Apple 2019 Product Preview

If you like Apple products or you’re simply a proper tech head who delights in everything cool and novel, then the minute that big ball drops on New Year, you start thinking about just which products exactly Apple is getting ready to drop in the New…

By Vector with Rene Ritchie


Listened to 214: Why Apple is putting iTunes on Samsung TV — Wait, what?!

Here’s a question: Will Samsung phones get AirPlay 2 now as well? Now, all of this may come as a bit of a surprise. But it shouldn’t really. Apple is getting ready to ramp up its original TV content. The video version of Apple Music. And Apple…

By Vector with Rene Ritchie


Listened to 215: Best of HomeKit at CES 2019

Here’s a question: Will Samsung phones get AirPlay 2 now as well? About a month ago I got to go to New York and preview a bunch of HomeKit accessories scheduled to be announced at CES 2019. Since CES 2019 is just kicking off, and not all of the…

By Vector with Rene Ritchie


Listened to 213: Fixing HomePod for 2019

Apple brought an expensive speaker to a commodity assistant war. That was pretty much the narrative around HomePod in 2018. It nailed the computational audio model and AirPlay 2, when that part finally arrived, but a lot of people were too busy…

By Vector with Rene Ritchie