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I very badly want a trip to Maui soon. Crossing fingers its a possibility this year!


Fearlessly updated to the latest @withknown from GitHub. Huzzah!


Enjoying my first "American Trilogy" cocktail. I'll toss up a recipe tomorrow!


Today, my little boy has declared himself:

1. "The Butt Master."
2. "The King of all Bacon."

I love him.


Discovered and its awesome. Like Fluid, but seems to work better. Homebrew installable!


It's been fun, Barcelona. See you next time!


Headed to the Hollywood Bowl again, this time for John Williams: Maestro of the Movies. Hooray for LA life!


Me: Boys and girls can both be President because they can both be smart!
Colette: Yeah, but sometimes girls are smarter.


"Losers assemble in little groups and complain... but winners assemble as a team." – Bill Parcells


My new favorite vacation cocktail? The watermelon mojito! Dangerous.


Next I need to install my @AugustSmartLock Smart Doorbell. My house doesn't have a doorbell, so more complicated to install.


Installed my @AugustSmartLock HomeKit lock. Very impressed! Much better than the first gen. Keypad works great too.


LAX - AUS. See you soon, .


Recently, I needed to clear out a large (multi-million object) bucket in DreamObjects. Here's how I did it!


The LaCour family is booked for a vacation to Costa Rica! Been a long time since we've had a real vacation :)


Saw Jay Leno perform live last night. Two things:

1. The crowd's average age was Skeletor.
2. He's still unfunny.


Baby Monitor mode for @Canary would work like this:

1. Open app, and connect to the camera in the kid's room.
2. Toggle on the "Baby Monitor."
3. Feed is now truly *live,* with little to no delay, possibly by directly connecting from the app to the camera.
4. Audio is muted on the app unless the sound reaches some threshold (for when the baby cries).
5. Set your phone down, and go to sleep, only to be awakened if you hear the baby crying.

I hope this makes sense!


Life at this point is just me walking around behind my children holding a handheld vacuum in one hand and a whiskey in the other.


Had an early meeting, so I worked from the home office today. So wonderful to spend more time with the kids.


At what age does it become weird to own a wizard's staff?