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@dreamhostbrett can I just pay someone to make one of these for me? I want the end result but none of the effort.


@howardmavity how fun! Best wishes to you and family, and hi Dad!


Shame on you, GOP.


@vmbrasseur Time to join! It supports Markdown 😀 Want an invite code?


Replied to a post on :

@manton no worries. I have one on my site and it was fun to generate. There are some tools out there that make it pretty easy.


@ipstenu @melchoyce @ryelle I'm jealous! Those are some lovely people 😀


In the market for a used or refurb iPhone SE 64GB. Anyone selling? Unlocked or T-Mobile.


Another successful party hosted by the LaCours! Christmas in July for TKG parents. So fun. ❤️


My goodness, what a lineup! 🙌🏻


So, here's a quick test of that!


Hmm... I wonder if I have to add permalinks to these posts for Bridgy to work...


Pending a few formalities, the LaCour family is getting an au pair! We're pretty excited. 🎉🇫🇷


Great photo of my office by @Classic_Katie.


We will give up the female Dr. Who if we can get back our female President.


Anyone want an invitation to Ht me up!


This group is doing the hard work of protecting the open web. Highly encourage you to get involved!


That said, whenever I cook on another grill, I feel like I'm cheating on @JonsHotMeat.