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The world is in chaos, but at least we get to watch humans safely get thrown into space. ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ’ซ


I canโ€™t find any of the privacy / terms for YouTube TV on the subject. Will they sell my personal data or viewing habits to advertisers or third parties?


Looked at my Hulu bill again. I am seriously considering YouTube TV. Hulu is $21/month more and has had terrible video quality / reliability for me lately. Worried about privacy though...


This season of Top Chef is so my jam. After tonightโ€™s elimination, I absolutely love every remaining chef. Each of them would deserve to win it all.


Pork shoulder is resting. Lacey is making deviled eggs. Iโ€™m drinking a blended cocktail and watching Good Eats on TV.

Iโ€™ve needed this break.


Meatโ€™s ready! Also, I just remembered that I had set up a home automation to play Journeyโ€™s โ€œAny Way You Want Itโ€ on the HomePod when the meat reaches target temperature. ๐Ÿคฃ๐ŸŽธ๐Ÿฅณโญ๏ธ


I admit it, I am getting impatient and wrapped the currently cooking pork shoulder in foil to power through the stall. That said, in my experience, capturing that moisture and encouraging it to reabsorb into the meat is wise anyway. ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ”ฅ


Our weekly delivery from Imperfect Foods included some fairly below average pears. Tonight, I sliced one up and tossed it into a tumbler of Makers Mark. Now, theyโ€™re the best pears in history. ๐Ÿฅƒ ๐Ÿ ๐ŸŽ‰


I really enjoyed the first season of Mythic Quest on Apple TV+, and the special quarantine episode that just dropped was excellent. Looking forward to more!


Seriously, though, does anyone have a good block list for Pi-Hole for all Facebook properties? Ideally, something that is maintained and kept up-to-date?


Cool, so its time to block giphy's domains completely from my network using my Pi-Hole. Got it.


In other news, Miami was robbed of the title in 2002, but yโ€™all already know that, right?


Inspired by the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen, Iโ€™m making cured egg yolks tonight, seasoned with red pepper flakes, bay leaf, and cardamom.

With the leftover egg whites, Iโ€™m baking keto merengues flavored with vanilla, orange peel, and orange bitters.


Installed some HomeKit-compatible automatic blinds from IKEA today. They work fantastically well and look really nice, too. The installation process was easy, but the configuration was a bit of a nightmare. Still, recommended!


In my quest for better video conference quality, I discovered a way to use my iPhone 11 Pro as a webcam. The quality is way better than my existing Logitech. Still some tweaking to do, but very promising.


Are you a @geteero user interested in using Pi Hole to provide network-level ad blocking? Some lessons from me:

1. Disable all Eero Secure features.
2. Disable HomeKit support in the Eero app.
3. Disable Local DNS Cache.

I also recommend reserving IP addresses for all your clients, and specifying hostnames in your Pi Holeโ€™s /etc/hosts.


I have successfully installed and configured pi-hole 5.0 beta on my Synology in a docker container. Bye, bye Eero ad blocking.

Per-client blocklists work great, but I still wish I could pick per-client upstream DNS.


Iโ€™m interested in improving the image quality for my video calls. Sadly, no one seems to make a truly high-end webcam. The alternative seems to be mirrorless cameras and HDMI capture devices. Am I missing something?


My favorite thing about this season of Top Chef is just how wonderfully likable the chefs are. I find myself cheering for each of them as they step up to the judgeโ€™s table.

Well, except for Mularkey.


Well, Iโ€™ve gone from being a big fan of Tesla with a deposit on a vehicle to โ€œwhat the hell is wrong with Elon?!โ€

I just canโ€™t be a Tesla customer now.