Once I'm finished copying over individual photos, I'll complete my goal of completely extricating myself from Facebook by the end of 2018. 🎉 #OwnYourData #IndieWeb

I've officially managed to copy all of my Facebook status updates and most of my photo galleries to my website. Just individual photos left to worry about.

Looking good, but I think you mean Microsub, not Websub 😀

Well, that was one of the more delicious steaks I’ve ever prepared!

Dinner tonight is sous vide New York strip steaks, bacon-wrapped pesto stuffed mushrooms, and roasted broccoli with garlic butter. 🥩🍄🥦

Made some tasty keto-friendly pancakes for breakfast this morning. Ricotta, eggs, and almond meal, sweetened with some Surkin Gold. Fried up in ghee and served with butter! 🥞

Congrats Eddie 😀

For the first year in a long while, I’ve only seen one of the films nominated for Best Picture. Time to step up my movie watching game!

Gorgeous view! Where are you?

Lacey is out with friends tonight, so I’m treating the kids to their first ever viewing of Back to the Future in the home theater. 🚗💨⏰

One of my favorite Instant Pot applications is chicken soup. Leftover rotisserie chicken, lots of fresh veggies and seasonings, and 30 minutes on high pressure, and you get a rich, chickeny soup! 🐔

Been craving a low sugar cocktail. Muddled five blackberries in a glass and poured on bourbon (Larceny). Added ice. Tasty! 🥃

FWIW, I am not saying that I think Dropbox made the wrong decision. I'm just not convinced on the prevailing narrative or the long-term viability. Also: the vast majority of businesses aren't Dropbox! Their scale is rare.

Also, because they now have their own infrastructure, Dropbox has to remain organizationally excellent at managing, deploying, and modernizing it. It potentially distracts from other things. Wise long-term bet? I'm not so sure.

A lot of noise about how Dropbox saved $75M over two years by moving off AWS. Most are missing that Dropbox has over $1.1B in revenue. That means that they're saving around 3% of their revenue annually. Much less impressive in context.

That's looking quite "lickable," Brent. Ah, the good ole' days!

Replied to a post on micro.blog :

I love native apps on macOS, but the friction you experienced with Swift is precisely why so many people turn to Electron. Hopefully, WWDC this year has some answers!

“Hey, Siri, what’s the latest news?” and “Hey, Siri, play the Subnet podcast” are my two favorite HomePod use cases in the morning.

I whipped up a quick API that I can HTTP POST @culturedcode's Things JSON data to, and an agent on my computer that uses the Things URL handler to send the data into Things. Thanks AWS, Lambda, SQS, and Python! #Automation

Another day, another pound lost. 💪🏻