Oops, I made the critical mistake of reading the comments on an article relating to diversity. #OuchMySoulHurts

Now that I've got a new car, I need a new mount for my iPhone X, and I'd really like one that provides Qi wireless charging. Anyone have recommendations? I'd prefer dash or window mount to air vent, since it works better in my new ride.

Great job fixing Micropub support in the iOS app, @manton!

Miami behind Clemson is ridiculous, but it won’t matter if the Canes beat the Tigers in the ACC Championship Game.

This Micro.blog photo challenge is pretty fun 😀

On the subject of cars, I am pretty sure I’m going to end up with an Alfa Romeo Giulia. Beautiful car, 280hp, handles like a dream. Fingers crossed I can negotiate a great deal!

I’ve had quite a lovely long weekend. Disneyland with the family, test driving cars, GT finally puts together a complete game, Miami dominates the Irish, Rams game with the boy, and I even had a chance to cook. Blessings abound.

Taking @WilliamLaCour to his first football game today and he is so excited. Oh, so am I 😀

I am so happy right now! So happy!!!



We are all drunk Cuban people tonight. Every last one of us. #GoCanes

Turnover chains for everyone! #GoCanes

I love this team.


My favorite college football memory is attending the 1989 Miami vs. Notre Dame game in the Orange Bowl w/ my Grandfather. A victory that lead to Miami’s national champ, and revenge for a bogus loss in ‘88. Remember: God made Notre Dame #1. Miami made them #2.

I haven’t been this amped for a game in years. Honest to goodness freaking out. I want this win so, so badly.

We are perilously close to it being a perfect football day. Come on, ‘Canes, make my day! Oh, and congrats on being ACC Coastal champs 😀

Just test drove an Alfa Romeo Giulia and came away impressed. Handles beautifully. Very good looking. Aggressively priced compared to its competition. Now, off to try a few more cars!

Headed off to Disneyland with the family for the day. Our au pair Camille is going back to France on Monday, so we are treating her and our new au pair Nikola to a day of fun! Looking forward to trying out my iPhone X camera at the park 😀

I’ve updated my website to support syndicating to Twitter with the new 280 character limit.

Happy to see such quick work by the @WithKnown community! This post is my first over 140 characters that will test the update. Fingers crossed!

Back from Australia, and the jet lag is real. Yeesh!