We need more pictures from your travels sir!

Colette fell asleep in my arms on the couch and I may not move. Ever. #DaddysGirl #TrueLove

Bug on iOS 11 / iPhone X: if you have a web-app added to your home screen, and then swipe left/right on the bottom of the screen to switch apps, it crashes everything and returns you to the lock screen.

Whew. Long and exhausting day. Is it the weekend yet?

For the curious, I used Sukrin brand sweetener, which is largely erithrytol with a touch of stevia. It’s quite nice. I used their brown sugar replacement to make a BBQ sauce and it’s quite satisfying.

I made myself a keto-friendly boiled custard for dessert tonight. I floated two meringues on top of the chilled custard. Delicious! Next time, I may make it into a pie with meringue crust.

Hey, @culturedcode, the new automation capabilities in Things are amazing! Can we get the JSON bits as a web service, or maybe just via Email to Things?

Public Service Announcement: HipChat’s iOS app is trash. That is all.

Ads are UX pollution.

I’ve finally discovered a clear path to leaving Facebook entirely. Looking forward to moving all of my historical content to my website, and then deleting Facebook.

It’s 51°F in my neighborhood right now. The low tonight is 43°F! Yikes 🤭

Disappointed that Coach Kool is leaving the ‘Canes. He has had such a positive impact on the program. I’d love to see Kevin Patrick replace him! 🏈

The proper responses to the question: Are you on Facebook? 1. No. 2. Unfortunately.

Hey, cool. I can now post to my website via Hammerspoon :)

Just created a Lambda function that looks at my website's On This Day page, and publishes the memories to a special channel in my Microsub server. #IndieWeb #OwnYourMemories

There was a strange bug with syndication before, but I believe I've also fixed it for both Likes and Reposts a well.

Working on adding syndication for the composer in Together. I think I have it working now 😀

Good news: William has stopped throwing up and is eating some Italian ice. Could we be this lucky?

I thought we may make it through the flu season, but William woke up this morning and proceeded to vomit everywhere. I’m still hopeful it’s not the flu. 🤢

Here is what the composer looks like in Together - https://cleverdevil.io/s/dTD1g7DnJV.mp4