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I see your LinkedIn activity. I know what it means.


The only benefit to @realDonaldTrump is that now I know which of my Facebook friends are batshit insane.


Don't engage with crazy. Even if that crazy happens to be family.


Well, that was quite the day.


Replied to a post on :

Awesome post by Tantek Çelik about going all-in on the .


My MacBook Air (13", Mid 2013) is starting to act up. Upgrade options aren't great, yet. Really would like a MacBook revision!


Excited to see that @WithKnown finally features retroactive POSSE!


Found out earlier today that Girl Scout Cookies are baked by two different bakeries with very different results. Got home and discovered all of our cookies this year come from the bakery I'm not used to and now I'm super annoyed!


Just asked @WilliamLaCour what we do at the beach, and he said "I swim with my shirt and daddy sits in umbrella with his beer."


Heading up to San Francisco to meet with the awesome @CumulusNetworks team. Looking forward to discussing the future!


Lots of fun having drinks with @benwerd, chatting about @withknown, @dreamhost, , and the future of the web.


Brunch with my kiddos. from Jonathan LaCour on Vimeo.


Isn't a head transplant actually a body transplant?


Interested in implementing a App Share Extension for Apple Photos. Any code examples out there?


Laying in bed with the entire family after a tough day. Sipping on a really good bourbon and soaking up the love.


I created a "review" plugin for @withknown – check it out!


Any developers working on POSSE for Goodreads via their API? Would love a @withknown plugin for writing and editing reviews.


I created a plugin for @withknown for posting recipes.


Installed the iOS 9.0 beta. Pretty impressed! This is what iOS 7 should have been.


It's National S'mores Day! Time to bust out the fire pit.