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Not sure what’s going on w/ my face, here. It’s probably Ajit Pai’s fault


Save the righteous indignation re: the price of the iPhone X. For most people, their phone is the most used and important computer.


According to Apple's specs page for the Apple TV, it still only supports E-AC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus 7.1) at most. Lame.


Ready to see the iPhone X.


Final Apple TV 4K thought: $179? Way too high. By nearly double.


I wouldn't be surprised if, in Jony Ive form, the Apple TV remote is now a black rectangle w/ no visible features like the 2001 monolith.


Other issue: the Apple TV remote is utter garbage. That said, I use a good universal remote in my home theater anyway.


4K Apple TV w/ HDR is great, but I'm guessing the audio support will still suck, making it a bad choice for home theater folks. 🤷🏻‍♂️


@jilljubs I love that shiz! The grapefruit is my fave. The cucumber tastes like pickle juice tho.


Great meetings and networking so far at in Vegas. Come say hello to me! Let’s talk @DreamHost and the open web.


Just saw George W. and Laura Bush on TV at the Cowboys game and wistfully pined for a better time. That’s where we are.


Baking some peach clafoutis and watching NFL football.


I love that @WilliamLaCour refers to Mario and Luigi as Mah-we-oh and Mow-wee-gee.



1. TaQuon is the best QB we’ve had in years.
2. OL is frustrating AF.
3. Special teams are GARBAGE.


I’d love to see webmention support added to @discourse so our customers could participate in the community through their own websites!


My primary lesson from the cord cutting experiment so far: if you want to watch Law & Order any time of day, you probably can.


Could they build a robot place kicker for us?


The thing is, I knew we were going to blow it. It was totally foreseeable.


Well, that sucked.