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Verdict? Tasty looking 🍔🍔 are definitely tasty.


Grilled up some tasty looking 🍔🍔🍔🍔 for dinner. Hope they live up to their looks!


This is what *real* high quality people look like.


I wish @RealRonHoward would cut a video of him narrating over Trump family comments.


Garbage human says garbage human son is high-quality human.


"Daddy! Smell my fart!"


👏🏻 Take note, regressive asshat veep.


Well, that was just about a perfect morning.


Only 40 minutes until landing. I can almost feel the island calling to me...


It's been a blast. You will be missed!


I'm thrilled! My daughter and I watch an ep of Good Eats nightly during "special time."


Ran into @GetSource's adorable family while picking up lunch.


Packing up to head to Maui for nine glorious days. 🍹🏖🌴🌞


Headed to the Hollywood Bowl tonight with friends for Harry Potter live with the LA Phil. 🎥


My grill is now updating its own site via , posting to Twitter and


The amount of follower spam I get on Instagram is insane and could easily be prevented if they cared.




Last day of work before a much needed long vacation. Make it count!