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A lot of progress is happening on the Together project. Its shaping up to be an amazing Indie reader! New features include responsive design, read/unread tracking, "classic" view, and more. Great job, @grantcodes –


I will still be syndicating reposts, but I'm going to be more diligent about only reposting content that I think is genuinely interesting and useful to share.


I've decided to stop syndicating certain types of content to, including Checkins, Replies, and Likes, in favor of keeping those exclusively on my website.

I think it'll make for a more pleasant experience for my followers 👍🏻


Replied to a post on :

While I think a Gallery object would be nice, eventually, I am not convinced that its necessarily the best way to go here. Its my understanding that pretty much all Entities support attachments, so doing it in the near-term in a more cross-cutting way would enable any type of post created via Micropub that contains multiple attachments to elegantly display the images.


Sigh. In spite of paying nearly two grand in COBRA premiums, on time, my health insurance isn’t working. Provider’s phone number is a voice mailbox with 48 hour response. Our system is dumb.


Smalltalk is an incredible programming language, and I wish it was in more widespread use, especially for user-facing apps.

I’m looking at you, Apple. Smalltalk would have been much better than Swift for apps.


This is the logical conclusion of a system where dollars have more of a voice than people do. Fix that, and many other issues go away.


It’s not complicated. The GOP has to pander to their super rich donors in the form of overly aggressive tax cuts, but their constituents, and the majority of the nation honestly, want them to spend to provide services like Medicare.


"Hey Siri, set my Big Green Egg Cooker to 225 degrees."
"Hey Siri, what's the current temperature of my Big Green Egg Meat?"

Now, its possible, and I am seriously considering a HomePod again as a little reward to myself 😀


I have upgraded homebridge-stoker to use virtual "Thermostats" for sensors on Stoker BBQ controllers, including the ability to push updates to target temps. Its especially nice in the free Elgato Eve iOS app 😀 -


As much as the tech press will knock HomePod for its lack of integrations compared to the Echo and Google Home, I think they miss that there are people who prefer Apple's approach to privacy. Also: HomeKit is pretty damn good now.


I read two HomePod reviews: The Verge and iMore. Very different perspectives. I'm convinced that I'll want one, but only when they fix a few of the software issues:

1. Differentiate between voices for privacy/security.
2. AirPlay 2


I’m absolutely flabbergasted as to how Apple doesn’t have a competitive offering in the space. A skinny, over the top bundle with Apple’s user experience would be much preferable to the current options.


I’m currently a Hulu Live user, but am evaluating YouTube TV this week. The user experience on both is pretty awful. Quality isn’t great, either. YouTube TV has the price and feature advantage. Hulu the content advantage.


Power outage for miles surrounding LAX, including my office. Great start to the work week. Sigh.


Yes! Good job, Eagles. Thank you for keeping the Pats from winning another Super Bowl. 🏈


Ertz caught the ball and took like 3 steps before breaking the plane. That's an easy call. 🏈


On a related note, is already shaping up to be a lovely platform for sharing and viewing photos. In order. Without ads. Sunlit 2.0 should make it even better.

Now, I just need to make my CMS work better with both 😀


Instagram’s decline is finally complete. Timeline is out of order, obnoxious ads, random suggestions cluttering the timeline, distracting Snapchat-like features, and tons of follower spam. Instagram is dead. Photoblogs, you can return now!