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Sifting through the notes and videos from #IndieWebCamp Austin, and really wishing I could have attended! Lots of awesome information and details. I'm especially interested in @manton's progress on –

Some great memories from my website's "On This Day" feature today – #indieweb #ownyourmemories

Congrats to @danielpunkass on the launch of the new MarsEdit! Support for is awesome. My request? Support for Micropub! I’d love to use MarsEdit to write status updates, bookmarks, likes, reposts, photos, and more on my #IndieWeb website 😀

Gave a shout out to #IndieWeb in the Q and A for @briannaorg’s talk. Looking forward to inviting more people into the IndieWeb community.

Own your digital legacy 😀

Really enjoying Brianna Privett’s talk at #WCUS about using @WordPress to own your digital presence. She uses the phrase “digital legacy,” which I adore! I wonder if @briannaorg knows about the #IndieWeb movement?

Using the macOS app in full screen, splitting a space with Tweetbot in multi-column mode, is a perfect way to enjoy the IndieWeb :)

I'm interested in engaging a @Discourse developer to work on implementing #IndieWeb standards in the platform. Ping me! RTs appreciated.

Enjoying the 2nd meeting of the @DreamHost Website Club! Nearly 20 attendees working on owning their digital presence. #IndieWeb

Hey, look who is a headline speaker for this year's World Hosting Days USA! #DreamHost #IndieWeb

Awesome article on Post Kinds in @WordPress by Chris Aldrich! - #IndieWeb

We had over 30 people across three offices and several remote locations attend the first @DreamHost Website Club! #IndieWeb

Tomorrow is the first of many DreamHost Website Club meetings! Inspired by Homebrew Website Club, but for our employees to spend company time working on building their own websites. Should be exciting! #Indieweb

My grill is now updating its own site via #micropub, posting to Twitter and #Indieweb

Richard, it's early, but at last weekend's IndieWeb Summit in Portland, a small group of us started tinkering on what we hope could be the Timeline of the Open Web.

At this point, it's wireframing and prototyping, but check it out! We call it "together" and you can find more information on it on the IndieWeb wiki - - and on GitHub -

I believe that the what users will want isn't a traditional feed reader, but something more akin to the Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter timeline experience, but without nasty algorithms, ads, or surveillance capitalism.

I had an amazing time at #IWS2017. Excited for the future of the open web! #IndieWeb

Excited for day two of #IWS2017! Starting off by helping attendees get started with @WordPress and #IndieWeb.

Used @Ipstenu's "Bury Your Queers" Alexa Skill as an example of amazing #IndieWeb tech in this #IWS2017 session!

Y'all, we're gonna build an #IndieWeb WebRing. #YOLO

TIL there's an #IndieWeb Wapuu!

Interesting insights from @anomalily re: being a "Generation 2" #IndieWeb participant. How can we Gen 1'ers enable her?