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Everyone welcome my lovely wife @cleverangel to! She's hosted on at her domain


I've decided to stop syndicating certain types of content to, including Checkins, Replies, and Likes, in favor of keeping those exclusively on my website.

I think it'll make for a more pleasant experience for my followers 👍🏻


On a related note, is already shaping up to be a lovely platform for sharing and viewing photos. In order. Without ads. Sunlit 2.0 should make it even better.

Now, I just need to make my CMS work better with both 😀


Yay, welcome @donmelton to!


Love to see all of the new activity on after the latest 💩☔️ over on Twitter. Welcome, everyone!


If you want to follow my smoker on, check it out at ... I'm doing a cook right now!


I wonder if @manton knows the folks behind Twitterific, Tweetbot, et al? Would be amazing if he could convince them to support


One thing I loved about the early days of Twitter was the UX innovation from third-party clients like Twitterific and Tweetie. I’d love to see that happen for, and RSS, JSON Feed, Micropub, Webmention, and other IndieWeb concepts make it entirely possible.


Really loving the ever-expanding community of indie bloggers on It really does feel like the “good old days” of Twitter!


Now that is open, and filling with wonderful people, I think we need to start something like the old school Follow Friday. Micro Mondays? Indie Windsdies?


Congrats @manton! The new updates are fantastic. Huge milestone 🎉


Sifting through the notes and videos from Austin, and really wishing I could have attended! Lots of awesome information and details. I'm especially interested in @manton's progress on –


Can all the people I care about on Twitter please just go ahead and join so I can stop checking Twitter? 😜


Congrats to @danielpunkass on the launch of the new MarsEdit! Support for is awesome. My request? Support for Micropub! I’d love to use MarsEdit to write status updates, bookmarks, likes, reposts, photos, and more on my website 😀


I think I’d use the iOS app for status updates exclusively if it supported Micropub syndicate-to. @manton has done a great job making an attractive and functional app! Looking forward to continued evolution.


This photo challenge is pretty fun 😀


I'm *thoroughly* enjoying having a native macOS app for


Using the macOS app in full screen, splitting a space with Tweetbot in multi-column mode, is a perfect way to enjoy the IndieWeb :)


Enjoying the new macOS client for Good job, @manton! Excellent start. My biggest request across the board is the ability to provide `syndicate-to` targets for my website, which supports Micropub.


Made a quick change to my site to directly ping on updates. Bypasses my need for WebSub, which seems sort of flaky at the moment.