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College football deserves a dominant Miami Hurricanes team. Not there, yet, but the future is looking pretty bright. 🏈


Deejay Dallas reminds me so much of Frank Gore now that he’s filled out. Love watching him run the football!


Having a blast with my little man on our special trip. Capturing tons of great photos with my new iPhone XS. Will post a gallery later tonight after he falls asleep.


Rams defense is uncharacteristically porous today. Offense has scored plenty, but has been sloppy. Hoping we can escape with a win!


William has decided that Ndamukong Suh is actually Donkey Kong Soup and I’m so happy to be alive right now. 🦍🍜


Off for a relaxing boys trip with my little man William! He turns five at the end of the month, so we are celebrating with a trip to a lake resort and then LEGOLAND. ❤️


N’Kosi Perry is making me smile ear to ear! Go ‘Canes!


I’m interested in building a @draftsapp action to publish notes via Micropub. I’m finding their documentation inscrutable. Anyone have pointers? Source for a similar action (perhaps publishing to Tumblr or WordPress) would be super helpful.


Thanks to my lovely wife's research, we were just able to book a trip to Maui for the whole family in January for $380 (plus SkyMiles). Colette will be spending her birthday in paradise!


My good friend David has just reached "green light" status on his funding campaign for his short film, Blind Date, which looks amazing. Throw him a few bucks or even just "Like" and "Follow" his page! Go, David, go! – https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/blind-date


This is fantastic news. Too often, I’ve heard others in tech defend Linus’ behavior as an example of avoiding political correctness, or of meritocracy in action. The reality, which Linus now sees, is that his behavior was toxic, and set a terrible example for so many.



I absolutely love Sean McVay’s offensive play calling for the Rams. Would love to see @MarkRicht and @CanesFootball use a similar approach. Talent maps nicely, with great running backs and WRs with size and speed.


Sunday thought, after today’s powerful message in my church. Someone should create a Twitter account that replies to every unhinged tweet from our POTUS with relevant scripture that CCs the VP.


So proud of my little girl Colette for kicking some serious butt today in her soccer game! Big breakthrough in confidence for her. ❤️ ⚽️


So I meant that Miami is like 5 OL away from being elite... so frustrating. Talent isn’t that poor, they’re just terribly inconsistent and unreliable.


On the other hand, Miami is an OL and a QB away from being elite.


Yellow Jackets are playing extremely poorly. This may be Paul Johnson’s swan song year.