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FWIW, I am not saying that I think Dropbox made the wrong decision. I'm just not convinced on the prevailing narrative or the long-term viability. Also: the vast majority of businesses aren't Dropbox! Their scale is rare.


Also, because they now have their own infrastructure, Dropbox has to remain organizationally excellent at managing, deploying, and modernizing it. It potentially distracts from other things. Wise long-term bet? I'm not so sure.


A lot of noise about how Dropbox saved $75M over two years by moving off AWS. Most are missing that Dropbox has over $1.1B in revenue. That means that they're saving around 3% of their revenue annually. Much less impressive in context.


That's looking quite "lickable," Brent. Ah, the good ole' days!


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I love native apps on macOS, but the friction you experienced with Swift is precisely why so many people turn to Electron. Hopefully, WWDC this year has some answers!


“Hey, Siri, what’s the latest news?” and “Hey, Siri, play the Subnet podcast” are my two favorite HomePod use cases in the morning.


I whipped up a quick API that I can HTTP POST @culturedcode's Things JSON data to, and an agent on my computer that uses the Things URL handler to send the data into Things. Thanks AWS, Lambda, SQS, and Python!


Another day, another pound lost. 💪🏻


We need more pictures from your travels sir!


Colette fell asleep in my arms on the couch and I may not move. Ever.


Bug on iOS 11 / iPhone X: if you have a web-app added to your home screen, and then swipe left/right on the bottom of the screen to switch apps, it crashes everything and returns you to the lock screen.


Whew. Long and exhausting day. Is it the weekend yet?


For the curious, I used Sukrin brand sweetener, which is largely erithrytol with a touch of stevia. It’s quite nice. I used their brown sugar replacement to make a BBQ sauce and it’s quite satisfying.