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February 22

Over the years...


Checked into Rock n' Roll Car Wash

Getting the new car spiffy.


Johnny and Moira go to an estate sale. Mutt surprises Alexis with a bike, while Roland asks David to help him shop for a special item.

Watched on Trakt


Moira attempts to join the town’s a cappella group. Alexis enjoys the heady first days of her latest relationship. And Johnny helps out at Bob’s Garage despite himself.

Watched on Trakt


Digging deeper than ever, the crew sees no sign of the promised bedrock gold; just when the crew starts to question Dustin's leadership, his determination pays off.

Watched on Trakt


In an attempt to get dredge two running before the end of season, Tony shuts down dredge one. Brennan takes a risk and keeps Big Red running after signs of damage.

Watched on Trakt


The Austin FOMO is real! Have fun, folks.


Serverless is dead.

Great talk! I think he's right that gravity is driving the entire industry toward ephemeral compute, event-driven applications, and managed application services.


Just got a LinkedIn request from someone who has the title "Instagram Growth Hacker" and I threw up in my mouth a little.


We need more pictures from your travels sir!


Colette fell asleep in my arms on the couch and I may not move. Ever.


Bug on iOS 11 / iPhone X: if you have a web-app added to your home screen, and then swipe left/right on the bottom of the screen to switch apps, it crashes everything and returns you to the lock screen.


Whew. Long and exhausting day. Is it the weekend yet?


Checked into Ayara LΕ«k Pop-Up Thai Eatery

Celebratory lunch with the exec team.


Yes: See you at the Homebrew Website Club in Portland next week!


is watching Rugby 7's on TV and having fond memories of watching the Kiwi's win it all in Wellington in 2003


Rugby, Arts Centre, and the Gardens

2 min read

On Saturday evening, about 20 of us went to see the Wellington v. Canterbury rugby match at Jade Stadium. From my experience at the Sevens, I expected to see a bunch of drunken hoodlums in a sort of controlled riot =) This was exactly the opposite of what happened, strangely enough. It seems that rugby in ChristChurch is a family affair, and thus I spent most of my time at the game surrounded by annoying children. I had a great time anyway, but was a bit disappointed. I definitely enjoyed the sevens much more than the Super 12 match I saw on Saturday night.

arts-centre.jpg fair-at-centre.jpg
gardens-fountain.jpg rugby-stadium.jpg

I have been sick for the last few days, and so yesterday I spent much of my time indoors. I managed to get out for a little while to go and visit the Arts Centre and to see a fair that was held in front of it. This was a lot of fun, and I was able to sample some excellent cheese, look at some fine art, and enjoy some great music.

After the fair, I walked home through two parks and the Botanic Gardens. All of the parks and the gardens were beautiful, and I snapped a few nice photos to capture the experience.

If this darn sickness ever leaves me, then I will make sure to update you all some more on what ChristChurch is like =)


Climbing Franz Josef

2 min read

On Thursday evening, 9 of us jumped into a large van and started driving east from ChristChurch. We drove through the Southern Alps on narrow winding roads and across one lane bridges. Several of the bridges are not only one lane, but are also occupied by railroad tracks, so that you have to yield to oncoming traffic and potentially to oncoming trains! After several hours, we reached the center of the island at Arthur's Pass.

A few hours later we reached a small town just south of Greymouth on the western coast of the South Island. We stopped here for dinner, and then got back on the road, heading south. Around 11:30 PM, we arrived in Franz Josef, a small town next to the glacier of the same name. Our group separated and stayed in two different hostels for the night.

After a good night's sleep, we had breakfast and walked to the nearby adventure center to begin our hike on Franz Josef glacier. At the center, we were fitted with the World's Most Uncomfortable Boots β„’ and some ice gripping attachments called Talonz.

hike-start.jpg glaciers-edge.jpg me-on-glacier.jpg
me-atop-glacier.jpg coming-down-glacier.jpg icy-glacier.jpg

The hike was absolutely breathtaking and took just about 4.5 hours from start to finish. We were dropped at the foot of the glacier, and hiked across the bottom of a river bed toward the terminal face. We were then instructed to strap on our Talonz, and were guided up the slippery face of the glacier. After nearly two hours of hiking, we stopped for lunch at a rocky point on top of the glacier. The hike was wonderful, but now I have blisters all over my feet from the terrible boots =)

After the hike was over, we hopped back into the van for a long drive back to ChristChurch. This evening, a large group of us are going to attend a rugby match between the Wellington Hurricanes and the Canterbury Crusaders! I will make sure to update you all tomorrow on the game!

I still miss you all, and hope things are going well back in the states!