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April 7

Over the years...


Listened to Upgrade 291: The Ugly Potatoes Are Used for Fries

This week Myke got a new iPad Pro, so he and Jason compare notes. Then we enter the Conspiracy Room™ for talk about that iPad, pro iPad apps, and ARM Macs. Plus: Whimsical iPad cursors and ol’ Tim “Contingency” Cook!

By Upgrade


No *you’re* crying during the Schitt’s Creek finale.


I’ve named my digital sign for notifying my family of my work status (Do Not Disturb, Quiet Please, and Available) the “Daddyboard.” Today, I also spent a little time integrating it with Hammerspoon, so I can switch statuses with keyboard shortcuts. Lua FTW!


I also fully endorse this promising project.


Played New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Played on the Nintendo Switch.

Played for 80 minutes.


First into the Tank is an entrepreneur from North Bergen, New Jersey, who introduces a traditional hand-held food snack from his Argentinian culture. Entrepreneurs from Nashville, Tennessee, pitch their smart security product to help keep intruders out of the home. A trio of entrepreneurs from Clemson, South Carolina, present their convenient beverage carrier product designed to help keep items cold. Last into the Tank are a husband and wife from Potomac, Maryland, who introduce their online tool which helps offer a wide variety of family activities at an incredible discount.

Watched on Trakt


A young lesbian struggling with her identity opens her heart to let people in, only to discover she's much stronger than she realized.

Watched on Trakt


The Porchetta turned out quite well! Juicy and delicious.



Just started smoking a porchetta. Follow along in real-time at https://🐷🔥.ws/now


Played New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Played on the Nintendo Switch.

Played for 80 minutes.


Played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Played on the Nintendo Switch.

Played for 15 minutes.


My struggle with anxiety and depression has been intensifying of late. I know I’ll be just fine, but I do hate the feeling of failure it causes me to feel as a parent. Stupid brain chemistry.


Checked into Armstrong Garden Centers

Getting plants for the garden.


Checked into Creme de la Crepe

Brunch with the fam and besties.


Movie Review: Disney Recreates a Classic

4 out of 5 stars

The family hit the theater today for a matinee viewing of Disney's new live-action remake of its 1991 animated feature, "Beauty and the Beast." The original is one of my all-time favorite Disney animated films, with great animation, a strong story, and a musical score that has become a classic. The live-action remake isn't as good as the original, but is a worthy take, with a strong performance by Emma Watson as Belle, reprises of all the catchy songs, and plenty of personality.

The film drags a bit in the middle, and could stand to be cut down by about 15 minutes. There is a bit too much exposition about the respective family histories of both Belle and the Beast, as well. That said, I really did enjoy the film and would recommend it for any fans of the original.


Ajit Pai’s net neutrality plan is nonsense - The Verge

If nationalism, racism, and war mongering weren't enough, this administration is also taking aim at net neutrality! Wake me up when its 2020.


Easter Weekend 2012

1 min read