April 17

Over the years...

Facebook Instant Articles are a Bust

Facebook's meteoric rise is a major driver for the decay of the open web. I'm hoping that there's still time to wrestle ownership of our data back from Facebook, and drive people back to the web again.

Jonathan LaCour

Jonathan LaCour

Checked into DreamHost West

Work work

Watched Bob's Burgers, Season 6 - Wag the Hog

When Bob’s longtime friend, Critter, finds himself in jail for unpaid parking tickets, the Belchers decide to do what they can to help him out. Meanwhile, Linda takes on a babysitting job that becomes more work than she signed up for.

Watched on Bedroom

Jonathan LaCour

I designed a modernist play structure for the kids!

Now we will see if we can squeeze it into the landscaping budget. What do you think of it?

He's a little short for a Storm Trooper