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May 24

Over the years...


Four butchers must break down a pig using an old-school hog splitter; the remaining three are tasked with cutting steaks and eyeballing to weight without a scale; the final two advance to the final round where a mystery beast is revealed.

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A still-grieving single father whose wife died of cancer vows to honor her memory by moving forward with their two young sons.

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Two of the most iconic names in British motoring came together, with an all British engine by Lotus, to make one of the finest British roadsters: the 2-seated convertible Jensen Healey. Mike finds the perfect example to recondition with Ant's help.

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Overheard in my living room:

Neighbor kid: “Siri. Siri! SIRI!”


Neighbor kid: “Colette, what is your Alexa called?! She isn’t listening!”


Grilling Over Charcoal Is Objectively, Scientifically Better Than Grilling Over Gas

Fun post over at Wired which discusses the plain truth: charcoal grills are awesome.

Of course, even food cooked on a gas grill gives off aromas---all food does. But food grilled over a charcoal flame has a special one: guaiacol.

Guaiacol is an aroma compound produced when you use heat to break down lignin, the resin responsible for holding strands of cellulose together to form wood. “It has a smoky, spicy, bacony aroma,” Sacks says. “In fact, the flavor that most people associate with bacon is largely degraded lignin.”

Translation: Cooking over charcoal makes your food taste like bacon. Let me repeat that: blah blah charcoal blah blah BACON.

So if you have two identical steaks, cooked at identical temperatures, for the same amount of time, where the only difference is that one is cooked over charcoal and one is cooked over gas, what will be the end result? The charcoal-cooked steak will taste more like bacon.

Case closed.

Case closed, indeed. 🥓



I just solved a problem with mDNS and Docker, which means I've hipstered enough for the day.


Listened to 327: Better Late Than Wrong

Casey’s new app, Apple’s new MacBook Pros, Panic’s new Playdate, and Marco’s failed Greycation.

By Accidental Tech Podcast


@zzzeek have you checked out EdgeDB? I'd be curious to hear your thoughts, and any musings on how SQLAlchemy may (or may not) interact with it.


I don't think they're popular anymore, but userscripts are a fantastic way to make the modern web more enjoyable.


With the help of Fred Johnson and the OPA, Miller, Holden and the crew stage a raid for information on the protomolecule; on Earth, Avasarala learns a truth about Fred Johnson.

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JSON Feed Creators Aim to Revitalize Interest in the Open Web

It's been fun to watch the release and rise of JSON Feed. This article does a good job of pointing out the benefits of JSON Feed and its philosophy, while also surfacing some of the common objections.


@ryanpetrello when you're in the GOP, they let you do it. You can do anything. Slam 'em.


Malaga Cove

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