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July 11

Over the years...


A sleeping pod is like a tiny hotel room you can rent in four hour blocks to catch some 💤 in between flights!


Thank you, Guido, for your many years of leadership! An example for others to follow.



Checked into Yotel

Layover nap in a sleeping pod.


Checked into At The Top

Headed to the top 😀


Checked into Burj Khalifa (برج خليفة)

Tallest building in the world!


Legendary Obama Burger from Paia Fish Market

Legendary Obama Burger from Paia Fish Market

Because our current President is a piece of trash. Miss you, Barack!


Checked into Paia Fish Market Front Street

Paia Fish Market Front Street

A favorite lunch spot now has a Lahaina location!


That said, whenever I cook on another grill, I feel like I'm cheating on @JonsHotMeat.


Verdict? Tasty looking 🍔🍔 are definitely tasty.


Grilled up some tasty looking 🍔🍔🍔🍔 for dinner. Hope they live up to their looks!


This is what *real* high quality people look like.