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December 4

Over the years...


Reflecting on re:Invent after digesting the announcements, and its becoming increasingly clear to me that many should leap right over containers, and adopt functions. Problems to navigate, for sure, but the future seems clear.


Checked into The Social Register

Lazy dinner at the hotel restaurant.


Listened to Episode 87: Week wrap-up

Just a quick episode at the end of the week. Looking forward to next week: getting the word out about Micro.blog and IndieWebCamp.

By Timetable


I think I’d use the Micro.blog iOS app for status updates exclusively if it supported Micropub syndicate-to. @manton has done a great job making an attractive and functional app! Looking forward to continued evolution.


Job loss falls to lowest level of recession & unemployment sees biggest drop in three+ years (http://bit.ly/8SIexG) Keep it up @barackobama!


My office has furniture in it again! Hooray! Next up: finshing the bathroom, guest room, and hallways.