December 8

Over the years...

Some great memories from my website's "On This Day" feature today – #indieweb #ownyourmemories

Checked into krust

The first episode of The Grand Tour season two was quite fun! Hopeful that they’ve started settling into a groove.

@manton can has more invite codes?!

Can all the people I care about on Twitter please just go ahead and join so I can stop checking Twitter? 😜

People made a bunch of money on Tickle Me Elmo, but that didn’t make it “the future of currency.” IJS.

Discovered at my local grocery store...

Tim Tam Slam? Here I come!

My kiddos are pretty cute!

The fam

My little beauty

Smores and Christmas lights

Family fun in Atlanta

Colette showing Cinderella and Snow White her Christmas boots.

The girls. Enjoying Christmastime.

Colette. In a Christmas box that daddy and mommy made.


Working late with the team!

Dreamin' at DreamHost.

Colette with Uncle Andrew.

Dinner and good company.

Apple Fritter in honor of @alfredodeza