December 10

Over the years...

It seems like Hammerspoon is a truly amazing solution to replace Slate for macOS window management. Also does a lot more. Fully scriptable with Lua. Diving in!

What are people using these days for window management in macOS? I'm still using Slate, which hasn't been updated in years. Are there better alternatives available?

There are a huge number of things that could take down this POTUS, but I'd sure love it if his assault victims got the privilege. #WeBelieveYou

Sifting through the notes and videos from #IndieWebCamp Austin, and really wishing I could have attended! Lots of awesome information and details. I'm especially interested in @manton's progress on –

Checked into DreamHost West

Checked into Manhattan Beach

Holiday Fireworks 🎄🎇

Winston watching The Lion King movie with the family. Tomorrow night, Lacey, Colette and I see the live show!

The ladies.

Sprint retrospective day at DreamHost.



is pouring a glass of Van Winkle, and calling it a day.