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I’m a sucker for obscure handheld retro gaming devices. Intrigued by the new ODROID-GO Advance. Seems like a fun little piece of kit!
Last week I got knocked out with an infection which I’ve managed with antibiotics. This week, I am in Chicago on business and got food poisoning last night and am stuck in my bed attempting to keep fluids down. Rough couple of weeks 😷
If you’re a person or business who claims to care about privacy and data ownership, please stop using Facebook, Instagram, and other FB properties to drive “engagement” or build “communities.” You’re failing your customers / followers.
Finally finished watching Mr. Robot last night. Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say that it was so wonderfully executed, and was a beautiful closure to a great story. The most impressive part was how respectful it was of humanity and the struggles of mental health. Blown away.
Untitled Goose Game, but with a mischievous pug. #UntitledPugGame
It turns out that youtube-dl has a "--mark-watched" parameter that I believe will track the download as a view :)
I have a small number of YouTube channels and creators that I enjoy following, but I really dislike the experience of using YouTube on the web and on iOS. So, I whipped up a script that automatically downloads YouTube content and adds it to my Plex server. So much better!
Maybe we should find a new stable genius. Ours is proving to be unstable and stupid.
William dropped my Nintendo Switch in the toilet yesterday, insta-killing it. The good news is that Nintendo apparently will repair it for $100 plus tax and shipping.
Update: Colette is going to be fine. Thankfully ruled out the serious possibilities. Now, on to celebrate the New Year!
Thanks for the well wishes, folks. I think she will be okay. She hadn’t been feeling well for a while, and then had a bad spill on her bike yesterday and started vomiting and fever today. No outside injuries, but they just want to rule out any internal damage. Best to be safe!
I’m getting to spend New Years Eve with Colette in the ER. Poor little thing has to have a CT scan 😷
Hahahaha, I’ll always be good with Ohio State* losing in a Fiesta Bowl. Good riddance. #HateOhioState
“Do you kids have any allergies?” “Only one. Silence. They’re allergic to silence.”
We bought William the new Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch for Christmas, and it’s the first game he’s been able to pick up and play all by himself successfully. He said, “daddy, it’s from my years of Pokémon experience.” He’s six. 😂
I made a tasty Christmas dinner! Slow-roasted standing rib roast with sage gravy, roasted asparagus with sous vide egg, and the most amazing au-gratin potatoes I’ve ever tasted. Success! #MerryChristmas #FoodieCooking 🎄🥩🥔🌲🥚
Space Wizards: Fury Road
It’s my turn for space wizards! I managed to avoid spoilers. 👾🧙‍♂️
Finished season four of The Expanse, and it was easily the best season yet. Now, the wait begins for season five!
Seventeen years ago, I was setting up my first blog using MovableType on my Powerbook G4, and some clever Python scripts. I still have every post, right here in this site! 🎉 #OwnYourData #IndieWeb https://cleverdevil.io/2002/testing-this-out
Visiting Atlanta and I’m so happy I don’t live here anymore. Traffic here has surpassed LA, the weather isn’t nearly as good, and the politics are trash in comparison. I’m all-in on California at this point.
The latest price increase from @Hulu on their Live TV service has pushed it beyond the cost for traditional cable or satellite TV, with significantly inferior video and audio quality. I’m back on the market for an alternative. Suggestions?
Coo coo, kachoo. What a masterpiece! #Watchmen
Hey, @jack, I’d like to nominate @aaronpk and @t to lead @bluesky, perhaps with an assist from @benwerd. They’ve got quite the head start with the #IndieWeb! By the way, I posted this via my own website... how decentralized of me!
I think its a great thing that Twitter is going down this path, but I do wish that they’d build upon prior art. I’m also fairly suspicious that this is just a convenient way to work around policing its platform, which it clearly needs to do.
Off to Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent this week. Reach out if you want to meet up for lunch or drinks!
Why aren’t we calling the Cybertruck the Elon Camino?
Parents, do you remember what it was like to sleep in? To wake up without a tiny human jumping on your head? Yeah, those were the days!
Pie for breakfast is my favorite part of Black Friday. 🥧 ☕️
Why do ovens have a button for toggling the internal light off and on? If the oven is on, the light should be on. If the oven is off, the light should be off. Simple. #TheDesignOfEverydayThings #FoodieUX
The Mandalorian chapter three! 🔥 They’re really doing a great job with this series.
Lots of great replies to my query re: Slack threads. Speaking of Slack, it'd be fantastic if I could organize channels into groups. At present, I have many channels in my workspace, wish I could arrange them, group them, and collapse them.
Does anyone actually like Slack threads? They just don't fit my brain at all.
After watching the first two chapters of The Mandalorian, I am so excited for the rest of the series. Incredibly good start, and potentially the best new Star Wars content since the original trilogy. If you were on the fence about @disneyplus, I’d encourage you to give it a whirl.
My six year old boy and I have been participating in a “no potty talk” competition and he has beaten me for three consecutive days. #poop
Found a pretty nice universal remote to replace our Apple TV remote. But, it’s not quite perfect. Biggest hurdle is figuring out if it’s possible to program the volume buttons to control the HomePod volume while it’s set as the audio output.
Interested in a nice headphone stand for my home office. I'm a sucker for beautiful design and natural materials. Any suggestions? An integrated Qi charger in the base may be nice, too...
The overly-aggressive memory management of iOS and iPadOS 13.2 is a total buzzkill for productivity on the platforms. I really hope Apple fixes this in an update soon.
I have a 2019 football happy! Yay! #BeatFSU 🏈 🙌🏻
Made a delicious salad from the garden tonight. Butter lettuce, cucumbers, red bell peppers, and a dressing made from fresh garlic, parsley, basil, spinach, and pine nuts. Love our hydroponic garden 😍🥗