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Someone needs to take a truly fresh approach to web browser UX. Separation of work/personal identities, "project" spaces with collections of windows/tabs, new models for organization beyond tabs (they scale terribly), privacy toggles, more!
That said, here's my potentially controversial view on the state of web browsers: a rendering engine monoculture is less of a problem for users than the fact that web browser user experience has completely stagnated.
While I am definitely sad that Microsoft has decided to exit the HTML rendering engine game, and even more sad that they picked Chromium, I can understand their business reasons. Likely the right move for them.
Reflecting on re:Invent after digesting the announcements, and its becoming increasingly clear to me that many should leap right over containers, and adopt functions. Problems to navigate, for sure, but the future seems clear.
👋🏼 Boston! 🥶
Another week of travel, this time to Boston to visit the @MissionCloud east coast crew. LAX ✈️ BOS.
@aaronpk see you there! Maybe we can have an impromptu HWC?!
Regular season is wrapped for both of my teams. I’d like to see the Jackets move on from Paul Johnson. It’s time. As for Miami, that was one of the biggest letdown seasons ever. Richt is the guy, but he needs to make some coaching moves: OL, OC, QB. Fight to keep Diaz.
The wife is watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade, a big tradition for her. I find parades completely intolerable, so I’ve got the football game projected on another wall while we cook! 🤣
Chess Pie and Oreo Cheesecake are done. Turkey carcass is in the pressure cooker to start the gravy. Turkey skin is roasting in the oven to a nice crisp. Mighty are the preparations! #GobbleGobble
Really enjoyed watching “Ralph Breaks the Internet” at the El Capitan in Hollywood today with the fam. Such a fun movie!
We saw Ralph Breaks the Internet. It was pretty great!
So, Micro.blog community... any other requests? These little projects are fun!
I built a little extension to Micro.blog that lets you easily add a photo grid to your website. Thanks to @manton for making Micro.blog extensible! –  https://github.com/cleverdevil/microgram
Made a delicious keto friendly fried shrimp dinner this evening. “Breading” was made of almond flour and pork “panko.” Fried in coconut and avocado oil. Tasty! 🍤
This Rams-Chiefs game is a perfect example of why the NFL is without a doubt the king of sport. My goodness!
There are more amazing apps being developed for iOS than for any other platform. Period. I know the iPad has a long way to go, but the momentum is there. https://twitter.com/usedarkroom/status/1064565657340014592
Python 3.7 for AWS Lambda! And there was much rejoicing. Especially by me. 🎉 https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/compute/python-3-7-runtime-now-available-in-aws-lambda/
Janet is the best character in The Good Place. I will fight you if you disagree.
Nicely done! Was it the file rename I suggested?
Outdoor screening of Wreck it Ralph in our front yard by the fire pit! Pizza, margaritas, neighbors, and fun. Can’t beat LA 😀
So, yeah, check out Two Dads Talking! Our site is https://twodads.fm and I’ve written an intro to the podcast here - https://cleverdevil.io/2018/new-podcast-two-dads-talking
Just upgraded my podcasting gear: Shure 87A, scissor arm with shock mount, pop filter, and Tascam US-2x2 XLR interface. Yes, there are reasons...
Drinking pot likker out of a steel camping mug like a real southerner.
Recently started using iCloud shared photo albums for privately sharing pictures with my extended family. You get sharing, commenting, likes, and more. Still a walled garden, but at least Apple cares about privacy. #DeleteFacebook
Facebook continues to be an utter disaster for the world. I deleted my Facebook account because I don't want to be a part of the problem. You know what? It feels great! Drop them like a bad habit! https://twitter.com/om/status/1062860042020577280
🤯 zOMG, now I want an iPad Pro even more! My goodness...
Pro tip: enable "type to Siri" in your macOS Accessibility Settings and assign Siri a keyboard shortcut (mine is holding down ⌘Space). Siri makes a much better CLI than a voice assistant!
Whipped up a little project that generates an `h-feed` (parseable, simple HTML) from any Instagram timeline (including private accounts you follow). Feel free to check it out! https://github.com/cleverdevil/feedstagram
Enjoyed lunch today at the new Little Sister location in my neighborhood. Delicious! Dumplings, rice, noodles, and more. 🍚 🍲 🥟
A few years ago, I bought an inexpensive, battery-powered projector. It has been awesome to use with the kids on trips and in our yard to watch movies by the fire pit. I'm excited about Anker's new Capsule II to replace it! – https://b431119b.kckb.st
"As WordPress continues its move toward becoming SquareSpace, Micro.blog just keeps becoming a better blogging platform." – Jack Baty on Micro.blog couldn't be more right! I'm increasingly recommending Micro.blog over WordPress for bloggers.
Extremely tempted to create an email filter that sends any email with the word "blockchain" to spam. It's not that blockchain isn't interesting, its that the space is overwhelmingly dominated by hucksters, con-men, and snake-oil salesmen.
By the way, I think the reason that reviewers sound exasperated when reviewing the new iPad Pro is because the gap is so infuriatingly small and seemingly easy to close. USB storage and some improvements to Safari, and *bang*, you're there for most.
iOS 13 should enable USB-C storage and make Safari a desktop-class browser. That would be the bare minimum to close the gap! Dream scenario would include pointing device support, a home screen rethink, and system-wide multi-display support.
Consensus from the 2018 iPad Pro reviews seems to be that the hardware is amazing, but that iOS continues to be too limited. That seems fair, and I expect iOS 13 to be the release where that changes. The gap is smaller than you think.
As we get closer to Election Day, my stress level is continuing to rise. I’m not sure how much more bad news I can take on the politics front. Tomorrow we discover if we’ve hit rock bottom, or if our descent continues. Praying for change. 🙏 🗳
Took Colette on a little date tonight. We saw Smallfoot, which was a really cute movie, and then went to fancy dinner outdoors next to a fire pit, and finally to a cupcake cafe. Fun ❤️
Feeling a bit under the weather today, but it did give me a chance to fill out my vote by mail ballot. Cautiously optimistic that we will see a big shift left next week. 🌊🗳🇺🇸
I have just been surprised with a trip to see Jerry Seinfeld at Pantages by my lovely wife. So excited! 🎭 😆 🎤