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What in the fresh hell Feedly? Shipping this feature exposes a deeply broken culture and a lack of core values. I’ve been self-hosting my feed aggregation for years, but if I were on Feedly still, I’d rage quit immediately.
The Mandalorian appears to have gone completely off the rails at this point. I’ll finish out the season, but it’s going to have to work to redeem itself.
On a mission to de-clutter my workspace, which had become overcrowded with lights, cables, papers, and projects. So far, I’ve drilled holes in my desktop to route wires out of sight, filed paperwork, and stored projects. Next up, under-mounting my laptop and dock, and attaching keylights to my VESA mount.
The Miami Hurricanes are FINAL FOUR bound, baby!
Just finished the first season of Shrinking on Apple TV+. Absolutely brilliant. I can’t recommend this show strongly enough. It’s funny, relevant, heartfelt, and genuine. Watch it.
How about those Miami Hurricanes! #MarchMadness #WhooshWhoosh
The tourney has been amazing this year. Nothing better when you’re sick than back-to-back-to-back bangers in the Sweet 16.
Been sick as a dog the last few days. I had forgotten how much I hated fevers. My head feels like it’s going to explode at any given moment. 🤒
Nice to see Miami’s basketball programs *both* knock off Indiana to go to the Sweet 16. The women’s win was impressive – twelve loss, nine seed, playing the number one team on their home court. Your turn, Hurricanes football. Please. Please!
Happy for Checo. I’d much prefer him as a champion to Max. Don’t think it’ll happen, barring some crazy bad luck for Max tho. Also K-Mag! Love to see him in the points. #F1
It doesn’t matter how much your strategy improves if your car is slow. At this rate, it’ll be P4 in the constructors, which is a failure given the P2 finish last year. Gotta improve pace, and fast. #F1 #Ferrari
Great quali for Charles, showing solid pace behind Red Bull and ahead of Aston. Shame that he has a penalty, as I think the field is about as tight as it’s ever been, and moving up will be a slog. Carlos was… off. Just not stepping up for the team with Charles having a penalty. Hopefully he has a strong race. #F1 #Ferrari
I made an elite Shepherd’s Pie tonight. Ask me anything.
More like Pur-don’t, amirite? #MarchMadness
Hot take: Shrinking is better show than Ted Lasso.
As promised, I’ve written up the fun IoT project I worked on using ESPHome, Home Assistant, and an e-ink ESP32 dev board. Super fun! https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/daddyboard-30-missioncloud/ https://github.com/cleverdevil/daddyboard-eink
Birria tacos with consommé is one of my all time favorite Mexican dishes. Elite.
I still don’t get the EEAAO hype. It was… fine.
Got sucked into a debate in a community forum about a book with a transgender protagonist being available for kids to read in schools. People are remarkably shitty at the moment.
Incredibly thankful to be supported by such wonderful investors today. I can’t overstate just how disruptive the sudden closure of SVB is for many tech businesses. Having steady, confident, and clear leadership from our board means so much.
Exciting Friday for tech companies, y’all. Whew!
Every headshot of our shitty former reality show president looks like Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters 2.
And just like that… bye, Seattle! See ya next time. 👋🏼
Hello again, Seattle. 👋🏼
All that said, I just got my Shortcut working, and am prepping to write up a post about the project, which involves an ESP32 board with an e-ink display, Home Assistant, HomeKit, Shortcuts, and ESPHome. 😇
Every time I try to get something done in Shortcuts, I remember why I hate visual programming interfaces. Shortcuts is very powerful, but absolutely maddening to use. Just give me a text editor and some docs please!
The Last of Us is amazing. One episode left in the season, but barring a catastrophic finish, this has been one of the strongest opening seasons for a drama in many years.
Welp. Ferrari is off to a very typical start. So disappointed 😢 #F1
Satisfied with a P3 and P4 finish in qualifying for Charles and Carlos. Encouraging to see the lap time very close with Red Bull. It’s a long season and with development, hopefully Ferrari can catch up and give Max a run for his money. #F1 #essereFerrari
Interesting FP1 and FP2. Focusing on longer runs on medium tires in FP1 makes me think tire deg is a big concern for Ferrari. Looked decent on soft tires, but nothing to brag about. Hoping that Ferrari is sandbagging. #F1
An update for my projector dropped with much-improved “enhanced blacks” and better handling of 24fps content (most movies). I also installed an HDFury VRROOM to enable the projector to handle LLDV Dolby Vision content with Dynamic Tone Mapping. Looks bonkers good!
Y’all, its #F1 race week. I can’t believe its finally here! I am optimistic that the Scuderia will be improved on race strategy and reliability. I think they should close the gap to Red Bull, but it will be tough to improve on P2. #EssereFerrari
SQLite is so darn useful. Yesterday, I used its built-in CSV ingestion capability on a personal project to turn a large CSV file into a queryable database in seconds. Awesome tool in the toolbelt.
Joel and Ellie are mushroom zombie Sam and Frodo.
Found an open box HDFury VRROOM for a great price and went for it today. It will allow me to trick my projector into displaying Dolby Vision / LLDV content. Results on AVSForum look stunning. Excited!
Finally got around to watching Birds of Prey tonight and absolutely loved it. Margot Robbie was perfect, and we need more Mary Elizabeth Winstead action movies immediately.
Ferrari absolutely crushed it with the SF-23 livery. It looks phenomenal, especially that rear wing and the black highlights. Let’s go! #F1 #EssereFerrari
Made some excellent cheesesteaks at halftime. Not authentic, but super tasty! #SuperBowl
📠 Every margarita deserves a little Tajin 📠
Wrote a fun newsletter about my project to create a Raspbery Pi powered “musicbox” for my daughter. Check it out! - https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7027354072890372096