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Six hour flight. BOS ✈️ LAX. Thank God for @Delta One! Looking forward to a relaxing flight home.
Come say hello if you're in Toronto!
Westworld is at its best when it explores our perception of humanity and dives deep into mystery. Hopefully, the second half of the season is more like The Riddle of the Sphinx!
Last week’s episode of Westworld, The Riddle of the Sphinx, was one of my favorite of the series. Beautifully directed, written, and acted. Last night’s episode, Akane No Mai, on the other hand left me disappointed.
LAX ✈️ BOS Exciting things afoot!
A couple of days ago, I lucked into an amazing deal on a 22" 4K LG UltraFine panel for $200. I have one at work, and now I have a matching one at home! Not a perfect monitor, but I do like it very much.
Cheated on my diet tonight with a dumpling feast at Din Tai Fung. Nom nom! 🥟🥡
@colinwalker good commentary! The vision of "pulling it all together" is precisely why we created Together – – If you want to see it in action, check it out here –
Testing post from Icro via Micropub.
Our President is now referring to immigrants as animals. Disgusting. People: vote.
Just posted a new episode of clevercast that I recorded last night. –
If you haven’t clicked through on my keto burger post, you really should. These burgers were super tasty!
Y’all, I still haven’t seen Infinity War. Adulting is hard.
My physician applied for authorization for my new medicine with Blue Shield, and they came through with an approval. I wasn't expecting that! What a huge relief! Hoping I can settle into this new medication, and maintain and improve my mental health.
Yes! I hope they can keep it up. “Lost” was one of my all-time favorite shows until it became clear there wasn’t a solid plan. Westworld has been killing it so far.
Between #efail and the Electron XSS vulnerability that impacted Signal Desktop, maybe it’s time (past time?) to reconsider embedding web browsers into literally everything.
One day trip to Seattle today, starting with a 6 AM outbound and a 7 PM return flight. Watched the new Westworld last night before bed, which turned out to be a truly bananas episode. Didn't make for peaceful sleep. Today should be fun.
LOL Electron.
The Oculus Go is very tempting. Then, I remember that literal garbage fire Facebook owns Oculus. Sigh.
Oh, fun, my new depression meds aren't covered by my insurance. I would owe $450/month to stay on the medicine. Sigh. #BrokenSystem
Agree. I'm not sure what the solution is. Educating the masses on privacy isn't an easy task. I still think bundling an alternative into a service that people *are* willing to pay for is a solution, but there aren't many companies that could do it.
This is the biggest challenge in solving the surveillance capitalism problem: people value their money more than they value their privacy. I believe that a "for pay" alternative could work, but it will need an Amazon Prime-like approach, bundling social.
Really cool, Marty! I am not personally interested in leaving Netflix, but I’m definitely interested in liberating my data. Your scripts would prove useful!
Excited to be presenting at tonight’s LA South Bay @awscloud User Group! We will be doing an intro to Lambda. Come join us and say hello.
So. Much. Going. On. 🤯
@brentsimmons you're absolutely right! I was so perplexed when Apple released Swift, a heavy and complex language with a rich and sophisticated type system, and then marketed it as a great way to build apps. The vast majority of apps would be better off with a scripting language! Don't get me wrong, though, Swift is a great language, especially for performance. But, I would have preferred Smalltalk (Objective-C without the C!) for apps. That's a hell of a shot!
Hello friends! I am hiring for a really amazing job at @Reliam, reporting directly into me. This is a very unique role for technologists who are looking to take the next step in their careers. Check out the job description –
I never thought I’d utter the phrase “don’t put the light saber in your butt,” but here we are. #parenting well said. After finally deleting my Facebook account, I find myself syndicating less and less to Twitter as well, especially with available as another platform to discover and follow other indie bloggers.
My kids are watching an episode of The Magic School Bus that talks about internet routing and DNS. It’s actually pretty on point! 🤩🚌
I've really been enjoying Baí beverages lately. Great for Keto practitioners, with only 1 net carb per serving. My favorite flavor so far is "Andes Coconut Lime." So delicious. Highly recommended. 🏝
Westworld is back tomorrow! 🤠🤖
Say it with me again: Google isn’t, and perhaps never will be, a Product company. Also: end-to-end encryption is a requirement for messaging these days! What are they thinking?
Also, to others who struggle with anxiety and depression: it’s OKAY to be open about it. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Millions of us struggle with you! ❤️🧠🔬
I’ve been working hard on getting healthy this year, physically and mentally. I’ve lost over ten pounds, already, through diet. I’m trying new medicine for my anxiety/depression. I’m taking a fast from alcohol for the next 30 days. 💪🏻
That thought also drives home what "serverless" is *really* all about: directly aligning cost with application and system performance, not some arbitrary unit of compute that is persistently running and begging for your attention.
I'm starting to realize that most of the time, I don't want a NoSQL service, I want an on-demand, consumption-based relational database service. @awscloud Aurora Serverless may just fit the bill. Too bad its still in preview!
Sous vide salmon, marinated in Korean Gochujang and coconut aminos. Seared in a hot pan with coconut oil and toasted sesame oil. Tasty!
What should my next episode of clevercast be about? – #podcasting #microcasting