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It’s good to know that in these dark times we can still experience joy. #FixinToBlowItUp http://www.wmcactionnews5.com/2019/02/13/home-depot-bomb-threat-was-actually-just-guy-bathroom-joking-he-was-fixin-blow-it-up/
I have moved Indiepaper's site parsing to a self-hosted version of Postlight Mercury Parser, as they're shutting down their service. They've open sourced the project and made it easy to deploy to @awscloud Lambda. LMK if you have trouble!
I have successfully connected my three @wyzecam cameras to Apple HomeKit as motion sensors using a combination of @ifttt, homebridge, and @awscloud (Lambda, SQS, and API Gateway). Hooray for homegrown home automation! 🏡🤖📹
Okay, I've also rolled out a bunch of visual tweaks and improvements to microgram. Users – you don't need to do anything to get all of the goodness. Thanks to all for the suggestions!
Similarly, Micro.blog users may have noticed issues with my microgram project, where photo grid pages wouldn't display some photos. This is caused by an upstream issue with Micro.blog and image thumbnails, and is being worked on!
Any Micro.blog users that were noticing problems with my micromemories project for creating an "On This Day" page, I finally tracked down the issue and deployed a fix. Let me know if you still run into issues!
Sticky Toffee Pudding is my favorite dessert of all time, and America’s Test Kitchen has some of the most reliable recipes on the planet. Just finished watching this episode and nearly passed out. https://cleverdevil.io/2019/americas-test-kitchen-19x04-the-perfect-cake
The new LEGO movie was aces! Took William to see it tonight, and we both loved it. 🧱 🎉
GitHub has introduced "status updates" a-la Twitter and Facebook. The jokes write themselves! #GoForkYourself #VersionedTweets
Sometimes, life demands a walk and an espresso. ☕️😴
As of last night, newer posts on my website now feature an interactive map showing my location, speed, altitude, iPhone charge level, and more at the date and time of publish. Whee! Here is a good example post – https://cleverdevil.io/2019/part-mermaid
Been enjoying @awscloud DocumentDB. I definitely wish that there was a developer-friendly tier, or better yet, an entirely consumption-based version a-la Aurora Serverless. In fact, I wish nearly everything was available that way!
Excited for the Super Bowl! Hopefully the Rams can pull it out for the good of the country. I am betting that 75% of the country is pulling for the Rams, but that 75% of the stadium will be Pats fans. Go Rams! 🐏 🏈 🤩🦉 #SuperbOwl
Wouldn’t it be great if Netflix or Amazon made an animated adaptation of Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files? A man can dream!
Made “fat head” pizza for dinner tonight. Great low-carb alternative pizza! 🍕
Unread emails: 174. Welcome back from vacation! 🤷🏻‍♂️
Aloha, Maui. See you next time! 👋🏼🌊✈️
This FaceTime bug is bad. Really bad. Especially for a company that is pitching itself as the most privacy-centric in the industry. You know what’s worse? Coming out and saying that you’ll have a fix “later in the week.” Yikes! Way, way too long.
The Presidential candidate in 2020 who focuses the most on stripping the Presidency of unreasonable powers, adding checks and balances, and preventing ridiculous tactics like politically motivated shutdowns will get my vote. De-fang the Presidency! Codify norms!
Can someone please invent a biodegradable disposable drinking straw that is better than the terrible paper monstrosities that are now dominating the market? Soggy, wet paper straws are gross.
Thank you, President Pelosi.
Yes, I’m drinking an enormous cocktail out of a three dollar Batman travel mug. Oh, and if you’re curious, I’m located here - https://cleverdevil.io/now
Aloha, Maui 👋🏼🌊🌴
Don’t. Use. Chrome. https://twitter.com/JuliaAngwin/status/1088159384725868544
Got upgraded to First Class for our flight and gave the seat to my sweet Colette, who will be turning 8 this week. Happy birthday you clever little angel! Enjoy the ride 💗
All packed to leave for Maui early tomorrow morning. Now, it’s time for a well-earned cocktail and an episode of Good Eats: Reloaded. #AlohaVacation
This is massively cool. Great job @clare_liguori! Can't wait to play with this 😀 #lambda4eva https://twitter.com/abbyfuller/status/1087872007696310273
So unbelievably busy and trying to get everything done before I head off on vacation tomorrow. 🏝🏃
Just saw the finish and wow! Amazing win! That kick would have been good from 70. Yes, I saw the awful no-call. But, with two minutes left and a tie game, both teams had to fight to win, and I have no doubt the better team won. 🏈
McVay is such a fantastic offensive mind! The tricky reverse play that set up the Rams’ second TD was shockingly good play design. A thing of beauty. 🏈
Finally watching the Rams game after my trip. That pass that Goff made to B. Cooks to set up the TD before the half was elite. It’s amazing how good Goff can be so early in his career! 🏈
Also, I was completely without internet connectivity for two days, so if you tried to reach me, please be patient. I’m digging myself out of the ditch soon 😉
Back home from our boys trip to Big Bear, and happy to see that my Rams are headed to the Super Bowl! Go Rams! 🐑 🏈
Can you imagine a world in which Twitter would do something like this? Yeah, neither can I. Go forth and build amazing apps, folks! #MicroDotBlogFTW https://www.manton.org/2019/01/18/new-example-code.html
This morning, I had 47 unread emails in my inbox. As of now, I am down to one. Progress for sure, but I am reminded of how much I hate email as a form of communication. An open channel to my todo list that anyone can add to? Yuck!
Prepping a steak and chicken taco meal for a boys trip to Big Bear this weekend. Looking forward to taking William on his first camping trip!
All of the posts on my website going forward will now contain a snapshot of the current weather at my location. Hidden in the raw metadata, I’ll include detailed weather and location info. #IndieWeb
Been quite a dramatic couple of weeks for Miami Hurricanes fans... Manny Diaz isn't playing around!
DuckDuckGo is now using Apple MapKitJS for their maps for privacy reasons – https://spreadprivacy.com/duckduckgo-apple-mapkit-js/ I wonder if Apple has considered buying DuckDuckGo? They've certainly got the cash, and their values are really well aligned.
Hey, cool, now I am able to syndicate from my website to Mastodon, thanks to - https://github.com/danito/KnownMastodon