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So, The Peripheral is a fun show, but I think it is probably too high concept to survive until it reaches a satisfying conclusion. I hope I’m wrong. Chloe Grace Moretz is fantastic.
Just finished watching Netflix’s “Wednesday” with the fam. Fun. Nothing special, but fun.
Loving my Steam Deck so far. Spider-Man Remastered looks great and is a blast to play. I also started Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is pretty, but definitely has occasional stutters. My 1TB microSD arrives on Monday, and will be dedicated to EmuDeck. 😎👾
Saw the first public references to the upcoming Apple TV+ adaptation of Wool by Hugh Howey, and I’m pretty excited! Apparently it’s coming in March. A fantastic book series that has huge potential as a TV series.
I propose we start calling real life “the meataverse.”
Oh and a reminder that the airport in Las Vegas sucks. Only one, tiny lounge, lousy food options, and casino games everywhere.
Headed to the airport after a very successful week in Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent. My favorite thing to do in Vegas is to leave it 😂
My team did a big thing! We announced it today! So gratifying. https://vimeo.com/776031860
My Steam Deck was delivered and I’m still in Vegas for re:Invent. 🙃
Looks like Scuderia Ferrari is shaking things up. A new team principal is on the way. Hopefully they can push the team to the next level. #F1
Wheels up to Vegas for re:Invent. I hate Vegas 🙃
World Cup soccer is fun. Except for all the flopping and fake injuries. It’s so off-putting.
My Steam Deck shipped and arrives while I am at re:Invent next week. Now I must hope that my son doesn’t steal it. 🤞🏼
Wow, Ryujinx just made a release for Apple Silicon Macs and it works amazingly well for a first version on my M1 MBP. Good work! #Emulation #Gaming
I’ve been using a self-hosted feed aggregator and Reeder, switching away from #microsub alternatives. As much as I love microsub, I think it is fighting a losing battle and is unlikely to gain traction for lack of support.
Black Friday isn’t about shopping, it’s about breakfast pie. 🥧 ☕️
And now, we couch. #Thanksgiving #Tryptophan
Finally broke down and ordered a Steam Deck. Happy Thanksgiving to me!
One of my favorite family traditions when we are in our desert home is pizza night. Making the dough and sauce from scratch, everyone picking their toppings, and firing the pizzas outside in the Ooni oven. Just a blast!
Andor S1E8 was the darkest 45 minutes of Star Wars ever. They’ve done a wonderful job of capturing the insidious nature of authoritarianism. The elite banter at a cocktail party, excusing the atrocities of the Emperor because at least he “speaks his mind.” Sound familiar?
I don't like how much technical debt I have with my website. I love it, but need to spend a weekend getting it all cleaned up.
Just posted my "farewell" tweet. Its time.
Matt Mullenweg committing to add ActivityPub to Tumblr is absolutely massive. Mainstream, easy to understand and use participation in the fediverse.
What a finish for the #F1 season! Delighted that Charles finished P2 overall. He drove a brilliant race and for once Ferrari’s strategy worked. P2 in the constructors as well! 🏎️ #essereFerrari
Just returned from a screening of Elvis on the Warner Brothers lot. After was a live Q&A session with Austin Butler and Baz Luhrmann. What a movie! Enjoyed it far more than I expected to.
Disenchanted is… not great. 😬
Go Yellow Jackets!!!! So proud of that effort. Injuries everywhere. Interim coach. On the road against the talented coastal division champs. 🐝
Navigating the rollercoaster of social networking silos is much easier when all it takes is a plug-in on your website 😇 #IndieWeb
Miami’s offense is about as awful as I’ve seen in history. Maybe even worse than Pat Nix’s offense. Gonna take a while to fix, but I don’t have any faith in Gattis to do It.
Three episodes into #Andor and I’m really impressed. Once everyone is in bed, I’ll be tossing on the headphones to watch more!
Okay, I have officially moved my Mastodon profile to my own instance. You can find me here: https://cleverdevil.club/@jonathan
I’ve attempted a move to my own Mastadon instance. Did it work?
I think I’m going to go ahead and set up my own single user mastodon instance.
Welp. Its been nice tweeting with y’all all these years! Pretty sure we’re reaching the end. I'll stick around for the funsies, but find me on greener pastures: https://cleverdevil.io https://micro.blog/cleverdevil @cleverdevil@mastodon.social ✌️
Only one more race this season *and* we have to say goodbye to Seb and Danny Ric. 😢
Another realization for me, today. What if Elon, in spite of himself, is able to prevent Twitter from going out of business? What kind of people will choose to work there? Is that a Twitter that I want to be a part of? There is real danger, here.
Making a point of telling my teams to be less “hardcore” today.
“Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” is amazing. Completely banana pancakes in the best way possible. Such fun!
Follow-up: I have installed VaultWarden, an open source password management server compatible with the BitWarden client apps. Seems awesome so far.
Think that I need to switch off of iCloud Keychain, finally, now that I am not using Safari as my primary browser on macOS. Does anyone self-host something open source? Considering BitWarden.