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At Disneyland today with the kiddos. My daughter is presently obsessed with โ€œmaximizing the day,โ€ using the Disneyland app to plan out rides and monitoring wait times. Itโ€™s pretty cute.


Well so much for the 2G internet excitement. It turns out that my top of the line Eero Pro 6E only has a single 2.5 GbE port. So, I can connect it to the upstream at full speed, but everything wired downstream will be limited to 1 GbE speeds. Lame.


In other news, I am getting a super low cost upgrade to 2G symmetrical fiber for my home internet. When you have to buy a new switch and upgrade other LAN equipment to take advantage of your internet bandwidth, life is goooood.


My universal remote project continues to improve. Thx to the devs of PyATV I'm now able to use the keyboard on my TiVo Slide remote with my Apple TV. I've also added support for macros and RF/IR control of devices without network connectivity. Take that, Harmony Remotes!


The Ted Lasso finale will be easy to criticize. It was predictable, cheesy, and packed with fan service. None of that matters. It was also true to itself in every way, without shame. I adored every minute. Iโ€™ll miss AFC Richmond and its entire cast of characters. What a show. โค๏ธ


I grew up in Miami watching the Heat, so Iโ€™m happy. But, the Celtics are a customer of mine, and are a remarkable organization. Working with their CTO to leverage AWS to win games with analytics is awesome. Theyโ€™re amazing and I would have been happy for them to win too.


People were saying that the Heat were doomed because they only won 57% of their games up to the beginning of the East Finals.

You do know that 57% of 7 games is 4, right? This team is hot and cold, but they know how to do just enough to win a series. Itโ€™s been fun to watch.


The finale was a bit underwhelming.


It sure seems like Bluesky is determined to willfully ignore the lessons of every other social media platform when it comes to moderation, and just re-learn them slowly and painfully. The shine has totally come off of Bluesky.


Meet the new Ferrari, same as the old Ferrari. Sigh.


Oh, and yes, Iโ€™m reading at 1 AM, in the pool, listening to Pink Martini, and sipping on a bourbon. Life is good.


Finally catching up on The Dresden Files thanks to my new Kobo e-reader. Man, Iโ€™ve missed Harry Dresden. Not the best in the series so far, but โ€œPeace Talksโ€ feels like home. Jim Butcher is such a gifted guy.


Took my daughter to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 today. I really enjoyed it, though there were parts that were really challenging to watch as an animal lover. Emotional.


Wild qualifying session in Monaco! My boys in red had what looked like a reasonable quali until Charles got a penalty. Extremely hard to win from P6, but a podium is possible with some luck. Carlos has been quick all weekend, and has a shot.


I think I am perhaps the only person in the world that wants an Amazon CodeWhisperer plugin for vim. Putting positive vibes into the universe.


If I could only go to one GP, itโ€™d be Monaco. Iโ€™m not sure itโ€™d be great to watch the race live, but the environment would be electric. Crossing my fingers for Charles this weekend. I donโ€™t think he has the car, but at some point heโ€™s going to put it all together and win his home race.


After a short and pleasant drive, we are back in the desert through the weekend. My happy place! Weather is perfect, and the pool is nice and warm. ๐Ÿค—๐ŸŒต


Tina Turner passed away today, which is sad.

A bit of social media platform data - I saw a single post about it on Mastodon, and many posts about it on BlueSky. This continues to reinforce how I think of these platforms.


Received a preview of the new Miami collection from Homefield Apparel that is dropping on Friday... bye bye all my money.


I am only okay allowing this to be the last season of if we get four seasons of NoHo Hank vs. The Raven out of it.