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That thought also drives home what "serverless" is *really* all about: directly aligning cost with application and system performance, not some arbitrary unit of compute that is persistently running and begging for your attention.


I'm starting to realize that most of the time, I don't want a NoSQL service, I want an on-demand, consumption-based relational database service. @awscloud Aurora Serverless may just fit the bill. Too bad its still in preview!


Sous vide salmon, marinated in Korean Gochujang and coconut aminos. Seared in a hot pan with coconut oil and toasted sesame oil. Tasty!


What should my next episode of clevercast be about? –


@jsnell great post! I have loved getting back into mech keyboards. I use a TADA68 at work, with beautiful MiTo Canvas keycaps – – and I have a stock NightFox for home/travel –


@colinwalker I've truly enjoyed my "On this Day" feature! I have my website automatically push the content to my reader application on a daily basis. Such a fun reminder of my memories.


Thanks for the kind words, Chris! I hope you’re enjoying the microcast so far.


I've started a short-form podcast (a "microcast") at Its hosted on and I've really enjoyed working on it so far. I've already made improvements from episode 1 to 2, especially with sound quality. Check it out!


I would much rather be a nation that welcomes refugees, and focuses on taking care of all people here, than a war hungry interventionist power. War is expensive and harmful. Money better spent on healthcare, education, and programs to aid refugees.


War is always a tragedy. Always. Regardless of who is in power, it should require congressional authorization. That said, at least our actions were taken in concert with our allies in France and Britain.


I’ve suddenly realized that the “KIDZ BOP” series, which covers popular music with singing kids, is pretty much whitewashing modern hip hop for white children.


Interestingly, the "Object Tagging" features added to S3 in 2017 make it very close to what I am looking for as a simple JSON DB. That said, afaict you can't yet query for objects in a bucket that have a certain key/value tag. /cc @awscloud


I'm coming around to sticking with RDS, but maybe switching to PostgreSQL with its native JSON functionality. Still, I wish there was a simple JSON document database for AWS, which was backed by S3 storage, available as a service.


I've considered using DynamoDB, but its designed for massive scale, and requires a fair amount of tweaking and fiddling. Overkill. I could just store everything in S3, and build indexes manually, but that seems inefficient.


Been thinking a lot lately about my website's data storage. Currently, its in MySQL on RDS, but its a bit of a mismatch. In the future, I'd prefer to just be storing JSON documents that are easily indexed and searched.


I now travel with a mechanical keyboard, making me the worst person. I totally blame @slashclee.


TIL @Delta has a policy that you can't switch seats w/ your partner if you've been upgraded. When I travel w/ my wife I like to let her take the seat for a part of the flight. Invariably, the kids want us to switch back later. Silly policy.


The odds of our current government properly holding Facebook accountable is near zero. But you know who has the power to take them down? You!


The last 24 hours of news has been nothing short of bonkers. Jiminy.


Well, @davewiner (and @brentsimmons), you should try out Together - - We're building a modern reader experience on top of feeds. See the demo video -