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@keithjgrant I guess? I still carry two cables either way. Marginal benefit IMO.


@keithjgrant @manton meh... USB-C in the phone brings no benefit and additional thickness. They’re more likely to drop ALL ports.


The Siri Remote is garbage, the Fire TV remote is unreliable. My home theater uses a nice Logitech, but it’s overkill for the rest of house.


My cord-cutting experimentation has me longing for a good, simple, ergonomic universal remote. TiVo peanut-like, without the number pad.


Just watched a skunk walk down the street out front of my house, encounter a coyote, spray it, and run like hell.


Putting my children to bed is both one of the great joys and pains of my life.


Made some amazing Korean style chicken wings tonight for dinner. 🐔✈️


Wow! What a TD by Todd Gurley! 🏈🐑


Some good evaluation of cord-cutting options this weekend. I’ll have a part two blog post next week. Unexpected result!


Hahah, Gators are going to be stuck with McElwain until the end of time. 🤣


Booked a straight razor shave in Portland for when I land. Support your local barber! Also: watch out, I’m gonna look sharp af tonight.


I have one of these and absolutely adore it. If you cook frequently, it’s a worthwhile investment.


👋🏼 Hey, Portland! I’m on my way to see you and your lovely @DreamHost customers!


Tried signing up for @AskPlayStation Vue. Fails in activation. Support? 35 min wait, no answer.


Not many people know this, but I can already unlock my iPhone using my face because I’m so handsome.


Not sure what’s going on w/ my face, here. It’s probably Ajit Pai’s fault


Save the righteous indignation re: the price of the iPhone X. For most people, their phone is the most used and important computer.


According to Apple's specs page for the Apple TV, it still only supports E-AC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus 7.1) at most. Lame.


Ready to see the iPhone X.