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Just got my car detailed by a mobile washer, and I am staring out the window of my home office at a very lovely, very shiny Italian car. 😍🏎️


Diversity and inclusion workshop at work today! I love being at an organization that makes D&I a priority. 😍


Watched the first few episodes of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ and enjoyed myself. Yes, it’s a bit sappy and over the top, but it is a nice, light distraction that makes me laugh. Worth a watch.


Epic Games with some serious chutzpah taking on Apple and its App Store rules. I am not sure its going to work, but Fortnite is incredibily popular, and kudos to them forcing the issue.


Just ate some breakfast pie. How's your day going? πŸ₯§


In other news, I invented a cocktail. Into a lowball glass, add half a sliced plum, a half teaspoon of sugar, and a dash of peach bitters. Muddle. Add 2Β½ ounces of good bourbon, and stir. Add ice.


After dinner, I’ve got a date with a slice of pie, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a glass of Maker’s Mark on the rocks. πŸ₯§πŸ¨πŸ₯ƒ


Had a bunch of fruit to use so I baked a pie. Blackberries, blueberries, plums, strawberries, apples, and black cherries. Smells good! Hopefully it tastes good :)


Nelson is 14 years old. He still has his passion for food, his sneaky demeanor, and an epic snore. He’s definitely slowing down, and he has lost so many teeth that his tongue constantly hangs out. Love my boy.


What We Do in the Shadows S1E6 is when I fell in love. Loving this show!


My goodness, the video from Beirut is terrifying.


2020 continues to 2020. Let's just pack it all up, humanity. It was a great experiment, but clearly we're not cut out to be stewards of the world.


Jonathan’s antitrust:

🍎 Require supported sideloading on iOS and iPadOS.
πŸ”Ž Privacy and tracking crack-down, ad regulation.
πŸ“¦ Split AWS from Amazon, regulations on Amazon-branded products.
πŸ“˜ Close the business. Give everyone their content. Throw Zuck in jail.


Seriously, though, you can laugh about what happened today on Twitter, but the hackers could literally have started WW III if they wanted to. It’s terrifying.


So, maybe Twitter isn’t a great place for world leaders to disseminate potentially life and death communication, eh?


Nerd confession time! I’ve not seen a single minute of Dr. Who. Neuromancer is overrated (Snow Crash is better). I like the SmallTalk language. I think Kubernetes is almost always overkill. Bitcoin is dumb.


I find it amusing that people sling around the label β€œSJW” as an insult. Hell yes, I fight for social justice. Won’t stop until we change the world. Tattoo the label on my forehead. 😘✌🏻


Pardon me while I go watch on repeat until 2020 is mercifully over.


If you were ever curious how long your pug’s tongue is, just bring them to Palm Desert. You’ll find out pretty quickly.


Less than one day into this Palm Desert excursion, and I’m convinced this was an amazing choice. We just watched projected over our pool :)