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πŸŽ‰ πŸ₯‚


Lacey got me an Ooni pizza oven for Christmas! I’m excited to give it a shot this week. πŸ• πŸͺ΅ πŸ”₯


We have to say goodbye to our sweet pug Nelson tomorrow. Even when you know it's time to say goodbye, making the decision is incredibly difficult. I'm going to miss him profoundly! πŸ’”


For Apple's next round of "apology" products, can we have a reasonably priced external Retina display? 5K would be great, but I'd settle for 4K! The only option today is the LG UltraFine displays, and they're not great. I'm staring at one right now.



* Assembled desk
* Installed new smart lock
* Built grill/smoker
* Set up home server for new house
* HomeKit enabled garage door
* Assembled bed for kiddo
* Worked eight hour day

πŸ’ͺ🏻 😴


Welp. I own a new house!


Got my iPhone 13 Pro (Gold, 512GB) in the mail today. Happy to be off the Pro Max line. A fun experiment, but I definitely prefer the smaller size.


I may be in the minority on this one, but I generally like the new Safari across iPad OS, iOS, and macOS. The tab interface isn't good on macOS or iPad OS, but the sidebar and tab groups that sync across devices is amazing. I'd like to see tabs moved to the sidebar as well!


I was skeptical, but Schmigadoon is pretty hilarious.


β€œThe pug ate my Apple Pencil” isn’t how I wanted to start my Sunday, but here we are. 🐢 😈


My new workflow for processing emails, tasks, and notes with Obsidian and Mimestream has had me at Inbox Zero across personal and work accounts for a week.


Lost in all of the (justified) criticism about Safari's new tab UI is how great the new "tab groups" feature is. Segmenting browser tabs into "workspaces" that sync across devices is great for organization.

I'd even be OK with tabs being in the sidebar as list items...


I decided that it would be a good time to read Anathem again. I think it has surpassed Snow Crash as my favorite Stephenson book.


Finished Loki last night. I really enjoyed it, overall. The finale was a bit heavy handed, with too much exposition, but I think it was worth it to introduce an incredible villain with deep history in Marvel lore.


Facebook takes your personal data and exploits it for profit in shady ways. GitHub has now done the same, but with your source code. GitHub is a much better company than Facebook is, and they have an opportunity to prove it now. So, prove it.


Well, I guess we have at least one terrifying answer to the question of "what if a significant, double-digit percentage of the world's code was in a for-profit company's possession."


Father’s Day thus far has featured breakfast for daddy, two hours of Breath of the Wild, and a visit from my parents. Next up, a soak in the hot tub, and an early dinner with a view.


Yes, I’ll shave the β€˜stache. It looks ridiculous and I only did it for fun.


So, I got Colette, my 10yo daughter, her first mechanical keyboard today. She’s so excited and I’m so proud! Looking forward to keycap hunting with her 😍


After some hiccups, the emulation PC is starting to shape up! 4TB of storage in a RAID1 array, AMD 4750g APU, 16 GB of RAM, and an internal 256GB SSD.

Notably, Cemu seems to run really well. Looking forward to cheating in Breath of the Wild 😜