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Thrilled to have amazing tickets to see The Nightmare Before Christmas at The Hollywood Bowl in late October. Box seats, baby! 📦💺


Spot on piece! Summarized my frustrations perfectly.



Yet, they won't do anything to save us from the danger, because they want tax cuts, deregulation, control of the Supreme Court, complete privatization of healthcare, and to strip away abortion rights. Moral bankruptcy.



Seriously, if you're in a position to actually do something to save us from this tyrant, and you write an anonymous op-ed patting yourself on the back for barely keeping him in check so you can win Supreme Court noms, you're a coward of the worst kind.


Some people will praise this person, but they shouldn't. They're trading the safety of our nation for tax cuts, military spending, and deregulation. Don't "quietly resist from the inside" – work to save our nation by removing the threat from office.



Medium will no longer support custom domains, now firmly cementing them as a content silo, and not a platform for publishers that wish to retain ownership of their content. Don't give your hard work and creative content to silos, folks.



Made 36-hour sous vide carnitas for dinner tonight. Delicious! Leftovers for days 😀


For those of you who don't know, the GPD XD+ is a weird Chinese handheld that looks a lot like a Nintendo DS, but runs Android. Perfect for emulation!


I've had my GPD XD+ for a week or two now, and my verdict? Its an absolute blast. Pairs wonderfully with my portable projector, too!


I've booked a two day getaway to Legoland with my little man in September! Pretty excited to spend some quality time with my


For the curious, Indiepaper is built on top of @awscloud Lambda and is open source. Check it out at https://www.indiepaper.io.


Thanks to @CultOfMac for their article on using Indiepaper with Micro.blog!



My good friend David Schumann, long-time movie trailer editor, is making a movie! He's crowd funding the film, and I'm supporting him. Take a look at the project, and consider supporting him too. 🎥🍿




Chocolates? 🍫✅
Flowers? 💐✅
Dinner reservations? 🍽✅
Special presents to share? 🎁✅

I’ve got @cleverangel’s birthday on 🔒!


Happy birthday to my lovely wife @cleverangel! I love you! 😘


Helping my dad, @IntlBuzz, get set up with a Micro.blog account.


I have started to think of Micro.blog as a wonderful discovery and aggregation service for the IndieWeb. It fits neatly into my Microsub reader, enables me to find new people to follow and interact with, and integrates perfectly with my website through Webmentions. 👏🏻


This is precisely why I prefer Micro.blog’s model. It’s decentralized for individual websites, but centralized from a network perspective, enabling strong community guidelines and enforcement.



Channeling my grandmother, Sarah Lincoln, “I’d rather just open my mouth and let the sun shine in!”