Public Service Announcement: HipChat’s iOS app is trash. That is all.

Ads are UX pollution.

I’ve finally discovered a clear path to leaving Facebook entirely. Looking forward to moving all of my historical content to my website, and then deleting Facebook.

It’s 51°F in my neighborhood right now. The low tonight is 43°F! Yikes 🤭

Disappointed that Coach Kool is leaving the ‘Canes. He has had such a positive impact on the program. I’d love to see Kevin Patrick replace him! 🏈

The proper responses to the question: Are you on Facebook? 1. No. 2. Unfortunately.

Hey, cool. I can now post to my website via Hammerspoon :)

Just created a Lambda function that looks at my website's On This Day page, and publishes the memories to a special channel in my Microsub server. #IndieWeb #OwnYourMemories

There was a strange bug with syndication before, but I believe I've also fixed it for both Likes and Reposts a well.

Working on adding syndication for the composer in Together. I think I have it working now 😀

Good news: William has stopped throwing up and is eating some Italian ice. Could we be this lucky?

I thought we may make it through the flu season, but William woke up this morning and proceeded to vomit everywhere. I’m still hopeful it’s not the flu. 🤢

Here is what the composer looks like in Together -

Awesome, I got the composer working in Together! Three cheers for me 🎉

Attempting to add a simple composer to Together. Its been fun learning more React 😀

Listening to jazz standards on the HomePod and enjoying some freshly brewed coffee. The kids are peacefully playing in their playroom and it’s a beautiful day in SoCal. ☕️🏝

This morning, I stepped on the scale, and saw some good results. Great motivation to stay disciplined on my diet!

A lot of progress is happening on the Together project. Its shaping up to be an amazing Indie reader! New features include responsive design, read/unread tracking, "classic" view, and more. Great job, @grantcodes –

No. No no no no no. Bad Google!

Editing a post in Known can have destructive side effects on content

1 min read

There is a bug in Known which causes HTML posts published via Micropub to be changed (usually in bad ways) when "editing" the post, even when you don't actually make any changes to the post. I discovered this issue when publishing via Sunlit 2.0, which supports Micropub.

I published two stories:

Because Sunlit doesn't yet support syndication via Micropub, I clicked "edit" on one of the posts, and toggled on syndication to Twitter and Facebook, and then clicked "save." The result was that the post's content was changed (in a destructive way, resulting in visual regressions), even though I hadn't actually edited the content, or even clicked into the content editor.

Seems like this is a bug.