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Enjoying the new macOS client for Good job, @manton! Excellent start. My biggest request across the board is the ability to provide `syndicate-to` targets for my website, which supports Micropub.


Seeing all of these “Me Too” statements from women in my life makes me want to cry. ❤️


If the Chevy Bolt looked better, it’d be a revolutionary car. So affordable. 240 miles range! Drives nicely.



1. Model S: perfect, expensive.
2. e-Golf: solid car, poor value.
3. Chevy Bolt: great value, ugly.


Last week I test drive a Model S. Earlier today, I tried out the new VW e-Golf and the Chevy Bolt. I hate car shopping 😩


So, the Gators’ uniforms this week are perhaps the fugliest I’ve ever seen. Woof.


If your college football team loses to an Under Armor program, I’m pretty sure you have legal grounds to dismiss your staff.


Go Mizzou!


What. A. Game. Langham is a damn hero for Miami again. 🏈


Stressful first half in Miami-GT. My least favorite game of the season, as my two teams battle it out.


West Coast football life is fun. Great games start and breakfast and go on until bedtime! 🏈🏝


I can’t tell if Cal is playing great, or just capitalizing on Wazzu’s numerous mistakes. Either way, go Cal!


Clemsoning is back, y’all.


Why in the world did Syracuse just run a dangerous option pitch there? They deserve to lose for being dumb.


Hmm... something is up with my website's Twitter integration...


Kiai, thanks for writing this up! You should consider sharing it in our discussion forums at ❤️


DreamHost Vs. POTUS: Judge Conceals Visitors To Anti-Trump Website –


@manton how do I make that happen!?


@DreamHostBrett way to own that digital presence, buddy.


In some ways, Pence is actually worse than 45.