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@manton I'm so curious about it on iPad with all of the improvements, but my (very old) iPads have both been given to the kids. I just bought my wife a new Pro, and its amazing, but no beta software on her iPads for my sanity's sake.


My favorite change? Emergency SOS Touch ID disable.


Installed iOS 11b5 on my iPhone. Impressively stable at this point, and I like the changes.


Ugh. Not great news, especially in our offense!


Unbelievably impressed with @eastdakota and @cloudflare in their response to this past week. I strive to be as thoughtful in my leadership!


Having spirited and respectful conversation about free speech with my coworkers. Thankful for their pressure and passion.


@crucially truth. I'd prefer to have no ability to access any customer data... *or* metadata.


@crucially as a service provider, I'm with you. However, sometimes, governments force you to retain, even if you don't want to.


Next up, 'rather than putting pressure on the people of the United States, I am ending my Presidency. Thank you all!'


You did a great job representing @DreamHost, @dallas!


Proud to be at @DreamHost, where we stand up for what's right.


Congratulations to @canary on releasing some awesome new features for users like me. Big fan!


Hey, look who is a headline speaker for this year's World Hosting Days USA!


@keithjgrant that looks outstanding. I love flan!


Okay, I am officially jealous of @cleverangel's 10.5" iPad Pro. That screen... wow!


No such thing as peaceful Nazi demonstration. Marching w/ swastikas is equal to yelling fire in a crowded theater.