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Finally got to Thor: Love and Thunder. It wasโ€ฆ fine. Gorr is an amazing villain, the soundtrack slaps, and the kids put on a show. But, they needed to pump the brakes a little on the camp.


Fatherhood seems to be about 60% telling people to be quiet and 40% assembling flatpack furniture.


Tonightโ€™s project? Working on a โ€œmusic boxโ€ for my daughter. It is a little Raspberry Pi Zero with an RF reader connected. She can decorate little plastic RF tags to represent individual songs, tap them on the โ€œmusic boxโ€ and the song will play on her HomePod Mini. It works!


Oh, and thereโ€™s more where that came from. A lot more! If youโ€™re a technologist, never ever let yourself stop finding ways to engage your mind with technology. Every problem you solve, no matter how small, is valuable. Stay sharp. Believe in making the world better.


My evenings include building a Tailscale network for home services, writing a custom controller for RF transmission, integrating a 64x64 RGB display with my home automation, building a custom Apple TV scrobbler for Trakt, creating macOS menu widgets for my HVAC and Solarโ€ฆ


Free idea for you, Amazon โ€” add-on for Prime customers where you take empty boxes *away*, and re-use them for future orders.


When I was growing up, we used to play a game where weโ€™d grease up a watermelon with vaseline, throw it in the pool, and try and wrangle it.

Iโ€™m pretty sure thatโ€™s what it must feel like to try and tackle Kyler Murray.


Absolutely loving the Space Black color of my new iPhone. Much more attractive than I expected.


My favorite local Chinese restaurant is closing ๐Ÿ˜ญ


I am still on an Apple Watch Series 4 and was anticipating an upgrade this year. Unfortunately, I was hoping for a titanium watch, and unlike the S7, the S8 doesnโ€™t come in titanium. Should I wait for S9, get an S8 in another finish, or find a titanium S7?


Just finished โ€œNope.โ€ Profoundly disappointing. The characters were paper thin, the โ€œbaddieโ€ was underwhelming, and the storylines never came together in a satisfying way.

Good cinematography, though.


Moderna bivalent power up. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’‰


Had a blast yesterday hiking in Joshua Tree. We conquered a hidden hike called โ€œThe Chasm of Doom,โ€ which was very challenging. Extremely gratifying!


Now, thanks to Tailscale and Nginx Proxy Manager, I have my entire suite of self-hosted apps available on my tailnet, on a custom domain / subdomains, with auto-renewing LetsEncrypt certs. Getting traffic in/out of the proxy container was a challenge, as was HSTS. But it works!


Instagram is starting to catch on to my use of RSSHub to consume my timeline. My account was temporarily locked again for โ€œsuspicious activity.โ€ One more time, and I think it wonโ€™t be worth it anymore. ๐Ÿ–•๐ŸผMeta.


You know what would be cool? A physical jog dial or shuttle that you could use to seek and scrub through video on an Apple TV.


Spent some time hacking on my stale Hammerspoon config. Now I have it in a good spot, including full multi-monitor, multi-space workspace layouts. Iโ€™m such a nerd.


After an hour of fiddling with Channels DVR, Plex, and sketchy Docker containers, I have built a Rube Goldberg machine that makes my YouTube TV service work with Plex Live TV and DVR.


Yโ€™all, he just misread โ€œTop Secretโ€ as โ€œPop Secret.โ€ The man loves popcorn, thatโ€™s all.


So, the penultimate episode of For All Mankind was significantly better than the finale, which wasโ€ฆ fine. The season overall was fantastic, though!