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A few years ago, I bought an inexpensive, battery-powered projector. It has been awesome to use with the kids on trips and in our yard to watch movies by the fire pit. I'm excited about Anker's new Capsule II to replace it! – https://b431119b.kckb.st


"As WordPress continues its move toward becoming SquareSpace, Micro.blog just keeps becoming a better blogging platform." – Jack Baty on Micro.blog couldn't be more right! I'm increasingly recommending Micro.blog over WordPress for bloggers.


Extremely tempted to create an email filter that sends any email with the word "blockchain" to spam. It's not that blockchain isn't interesting, its that the space is overwhelmingly dominated by hucksters, con-men, and snake-oil salesmen.


By the way, I think the reason that reviewers sound exasperated when reviewing the new iPad Pro is because the gap is so infuriatingly small and seemingly easy to close. USB storage and some improvements to Safari, and *bang*, you're there for most.


iOS 13 should enable USB-C storage and make Safari a desktop-class browser. That would be the bare minimum to close the gap! Dream scenario would include pointing device support, a home screen rethink, and system-wide multi-display support.


Consensus from the 2018 iPad Pro reviews seems to be that the hardware is amazing, but that iOS continues to be too limited. That seems fair, and I expect iOS 13 to be the release where that changes. The gap is smaller than you think.


As we get closer to Election Day, my stress level is continuing to rise. I’m not sure how much more bad news I can take on the politics front. Tomorrow we discover if we’ve hit rock bottom, or if our descent continues. Praying for change. 🙏 🗳


Took Colette on a little date tonight. We saw Smallfoot, which was a really cute movie, and then went to fancy dinner outdoors next to a fire pit, and finally to a cupcake cafe. Fun ❤️


Feeling a bit under the weather today, but it did give me a chance to fill out my vote by mail ballot. Cautiously optimistic that we will see a big shift left next week. 🌊🗳🇺🇸


I have just been surprised with a trip to see Jerry Seinfeld at Pantages by my lovely wife. So excited! 🎭 😆 🎤


It is fun, isn't it?! The only thing that isn't fun about serverless is the silly name 😉



For those of you that have been asking, for iOS is on the way, thanks to @EddieHinkle. Soon, you’ll be able to save content for later using natively on iOS. We are just waiting on Apple!


Apple's Product Marketing organization provides so many great examples to learn from.



My only beef with the new iPad Pro? No headphone jack. I didn't really care on the phones, but am sad to see it gone in this device. Minor nit, though, to be honest.


Lightly following along with the Apple event. New MacBook Air looks great as does the new Mac Mini. But, the star of the show is definitely these new iPad Pro models. Gorgeous!


My favorite part of the show was the masterful use of lighting and projection. Easily the best way to enjoy the film in any context or setting. Spectacular fun!


Really enjoyed our visit to the Hollywood Bowl last night for The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was our first time splurging on box seats, and it was totally worth it. Fantastic show! Danny Elfman, Catherine O’Hara, Paul Reubens, and Greg Proops were all great. 🌴


Implemented support for macOS Mojave's "dark mode" on my website last night before bed. You'll need Safari Tech Preview to test it out, but I think it came out great! Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Looking forward to presenting today at . I’ll be discussing taking some great building blocks - Lambda, Athena, Glue, API Gateway, S3 - for a really fun project. Come say hello!


I will never understand why this is controversial. Life isn't a zero sum game. Acknowledging my male privilege and working to enable women is good for the whole world, including men. We can all make progress together, enjoying the benefits as the human race!