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Indiepaper for macOS

1 min read

Indiepaper LogoIndieWeb Summit 2018 took place a few weeks ago in Portland, OR, and my project on day two was to create a service called Indiepaper, which is a "read it later" service for the IndieWeb. Indiepaper makes use of Mercury by Postlight Labs under the hood to extract article content and then publish it to a Micropub destination for later reading. Indiepaper is open source and is deployed on AWS Lambda using the Zappa framework. The Indiepaper website includes a tool to create a Bookmarklet for your web browser, and a Workflow for iOS that adds system-wide support for sending links to Indiepaper.

In order to make Indiepaper even easier to use, I created Indiepaper for macOS, which adds system-wide sharing support for Indiepaper to macOS. Here is a quick video demo of Indiepaper for macOS in action. Indiepaper for macOS is also open source, so feel free to poke around in the source code, and submit pull requests if you have improvements!


Its just not reliable enough for me, especially in sunlight, in bed, or when wearing sunglasses.


I whipped up a quick plugin for @WithKnown to publish GitHub issues and comments on your own site, with automatic syndication to GitHub via Bridgy – https://github.com/cleverdevil/Known-GitHub


Honestly? Face ID is vastly inferior to Touch ID. It’d not even close. I’m hoping generation two makes the same kind of leap forward as Touch ID 2 did.


Add native support for Indiepaper

1 min read

Regarding Together

Now that I've launched Indiepaper, I'd love to see Together add native support for sending articles to Indiepaper with the click of a button. This would require a few configuration settings, including the configuration of a bearer token and a target micropub destination.


Caught the conclusion of the Belgium-Japan game at lunch. Epic finish! The World Cup has been insanely good so far. ⚽️🌎🍵


Success! I have repaired and upgraded my Sony MDR-7506 headphones. They now feature a detachable headphone cable. A little soldier goes a long way 😀


LeBron coming to LA for four years? Let’s go! 🏀🤴🏾🏝


Wow! Croatia! I thought Denmark had it for sure after the PK miss to close extra time. What an effort!


To anyone already using my service, here is an iOS Workflow for sending articles to Indiepaper - https://cleverdevil.io/s/hgmKUXa4o2jaHozClixV.wflow. Just change the Authorization header and mp-destination to yours.


Spain v. Russia was a perfect example of the dark side of soccer. PKs as a deciding factor encourages inferior teams to play for a tie, so they can ultimately win the soccer game by playing a loosely related game of PKs. Lame.


Just sat down to finally watch The Incredibles 2 with the kids 🎉


Six years ago, today. My little girl has grown so much, but look at her little face in this photo! ❤️ – https://cleverdevil.io/2012/colette-at-sunset


Just built a quick Workflow (soon to be Shortcut) to allow me to send articles to Indiepaper pervasively throughout iOS. Rad!


Welp, my kiddo broke the headphone jack off on my trusty Sony MDR-7506 headphones. I’ll attempt a repair, but now I’m in the market for new cans. Debating between Sennheiser HD 599, HD 58X Massdrop, AKG K7XX, and others. Any recommendations?


My wife is thinking about putting a yurt in our back yard for when she starts home schooling the kids next year and I’ve never felt more Californian.


Yeah, I think an action extension for save for later makes perfect sense. The hardest part is that it adds a lot of extra configuration steps in Indigenous. That said, I think it’s likely worth it! So useful!


Sad to be missing out on IndieWeb Karaoke, but enjoying a lovely dinner with the fam in beautiful Portland. Worth it 😀


Just demoed Indiepaper, my read-it-later service for the IndieWeb. Check it out - https://indiepaper.cleverdevil.io


The IndieWebRing lives! 🕸💍