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Insightful. Another angle – we are *all* capable of the exceptional, but some of us are afforded opportunity because of our race, gender, family, etc. If humanity works together to enable each other, we can unlock so much more of our collective potential.



I love my iPhone XS, but I still hate the way that it sits on a table because of the camera bump. I don’t want a case. Someone should make attractive adhesive levelers!


Extremely disappointed in the behavior of the SQLite leadership with regard to Code of Conduct. Tone deaf, insensitive, and unproductive. The good news is that recent developments with Linus Torvalds show that nearly every person can grow/change with continued pressure.


Signed up for gigabit internet service, finally. Installation by end of month! A bit disappointing that the upstream is only 35 Mbps, but honestly, gigabit downstream makes me feel like I'm living in the gosh-darned future.


The Rams are so much fun to watch, on both sides of the football. 🏈🐑


Had a good conversation with a dear friend yesterday. I explained I wouldn’t let my daughter install Facebook Messenger for Kids on her device to communicate with her daughter. The app is insidious. Addicting children to a toxic platform from a morally bankrupt biz.


Oh, thank you so much Purdue.


This is both really smart and totally bonkers. Thanks a lot, JavaScript!



I have shared my Micropub action for @DraftsApp to the actions directory – https://actions.getdrafts.com/a/1QC


Finally made a functioning Micropub action for @DraftsApp. Needs some tweaking, but I should be able to share soon.


After some truly awful football yesterday, my wife saved the day with a surprise trip to a hotel in Long Beach and dinner with wonderful friends. Today, brunch and then spa day at Terranea, our favorite local resort.


Georgia Tech has looked so sloppy all football season. Poor execution, fumbles, broken coverages. Just bad all around. Coach Johnson is such a good fit for the program in so many ways, but not sure he survives much longer. 🏈


Finally received my Apple Watch Series 4 on my birthday! Having a hard time configuring a watch face that suits me. Someone needs to make a digital time complication for Infograph!


Not yet! I have found the Drafts documentation and interface confusing, so for now I still use an action to convert the markdown to rich text and then copy/paste into my posting interface. I’d love to get something more polished, just haven’t had time!


Up early for a flight to Seattle. Big announcement today!


Touch / laptop hybrid devices are very likely to replace traditional laptops as primary computing devices. It is awesome to see Microsoft, Google, and Apple all throwing themselves at the problem fully. Competition breeds innovation and better products.



Instagram is now gone from my devices forever. Buh-bye.



Great pro-tip: you can use Choosy to automatically route YouTube links to open in VLC, and never see a YouTube ad again!


I recently switched to using Firefox and Safari at the same time, with Firefox being used for my work, and Safari for personal. I'm using the excellent Choosy to automatically route links to the correct browser – https://www.choosyosx.com


Little William had a spill tonight while playing at the neighbors house, and is now the proud owner of four stitches just above his left eye. There was a lot of blood, but he was so brave! ❤️