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The new Dungeons & Dragons movie is better than the last five Marvel movies. Fun, great storyline, strong cast, and a great tribute to the source material. Recommended!


I need to take a break from TotK, it’s absolutely *vast* and has a way of grabbing my attention and sapping it for hours. Absolutely adore the game, but it’s time to establish a time quota 😁


Yeah, that short rib turned out to be absolutely wonderful. Loosely based on this recipe: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/red-wine-braised-short-ribs

Leftovers will be shredded and added to home made pappardelle pasta, along with a little of the sauce and a touch of cream and parmesan.


I do want to get another car later this year, but have been waiting for an EV that suits me. If I had to buy today, I would probably get an Audi e-Tron GT. I so wish Alfa Romeo had an electric Giulia!


In 2023 so far, I’ve sent 1.55 MWh back to the grid from my home in Palm Desert. We have a Rivian R1S on order to replace my wife’s car in early 2024. I just handed in my beloved Alfa and am going without a car for a while.


TotK observations of the day:

(1) Ultrahand? Hell yes! Build ALL THE THINGS.
(2) I want to attach Addison the incompetent sign man to a Korok and a jet pack and launch him into an active blood moon.


Finding a half-eaten Eggo waffle and syrup in your bathtub is the definition of .


My entire house is currently blanketed in the aroma of braised meat. 🀀


Again feeling the desire to build a new open source social website platform that natively supports feeds, ActivityPub, ATProto, with an integrated reader and mobile client.

Oh yeah, I don’t have any time for that and there isn’t a market for it πŸ€“


Doing a three hour braise on five pounds of short rib tonight in preparation for dinner tomorrow. Letting the ribs rest overnight is going to make them so so good!


If Apple uses the term β€œmetaverse” unironically at WWDC, I’ll eat my hat.


So far I’ve been very pleased with the adaptation of Silo on Apple TV+. There are certainly deviations from the source material, but they’re adding background and character depth.


A cultural difference I am noticing between Bluesky and Mastodon is that Bluesky is a place that people come to be outraged by current events, to make fun of β€œthe other side,” etc. This definitely makes it a better *replacement* for Twitter, but it doesn’t really make it better *than* Twitter.


Woot, I have image posts syndicating from my website to Bluesky! Still lots to learn, but happy with the progress. I need to add one or two more minor things, and then the big remaining piece will be sending interactions back to my site.


I returned from Vegas on Monday night, and I am still feeling it. The dry air and pervasive second hand smoke always do a number on me.


Passed out on the couch playing TotK last night, AMA.


Taskmaster is the gift that keeps on giving. Such a great show, consistently creative and absolutely hilarious.


Now I have to decide if I want to catch up on TV or play Tears of the Kingdom. I could just stop sleeping for the next few months… I mean, someone needs to torture the Koroks!


For what its worth, I am pretty sure I also got things working with my Micropub endpoint, which makes life a heck of a lot easier for future projects with the AT protocol. Looking forward to being a better citizen of the new social web.

I am still navigating the complexities of embedding content vs. linking to it, etc., but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.


I know its annoying to see my test posts, but it looks like I have rudimentary cross-posting from my website to Bluesky working. Only for simple posts at the moment, but I already have embedding working for long-form posts, and hopefully I can add photos as I learn the protocol. Progress!