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Getting ready to watch @ColetteLaCour play Pool Kid Number 5 in High School Musical 2, Junior. πŸŽ‰πŸŽΆβ€οΈ


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Lazyweb: I bought my wife an iPad Pro 10.5". She wants a case with full coverage, but she doesn't necessarily want a keyboard at all times. Any recommendations? I think a lightweight full-wrap case plus a small bluetooth keyboard.


Disgusted by what America has enabled by electing a monster. Make America Great Again? Nonsense.


@mattfelten whoever did this is a gosh darn American hero. My favorite part is the video here -


Before we all die in the upcoming nuclear blaze, make sure to enjoy the hell out of this website.


Our housekeeper has cancelled on us for the second time, and its summer, which means the kids are home more than normal.


Awesome article on Post Kinds in @WordPress by Chris Aldrich! -


@jack nice bokeh! What did you use to take the photo?


@chrisaldrich @DreamHost well, its not really an official HWC, so I didn't do that. But, maybe I should next time?


OH: "I prefer not to watch the news but instead be incinerated w/o prior knowledge."


Well done, Nate!


What's the over/under on days until we all die in a horrible nuclear blast precipitated by a hateful cheeto?


We had over 30 people across three offices and several remote locations attend the first @DreamHost Website Club! lovely photo!


Having a great time in the first @DreamHost Website Club!


@bencherian Indeed, DreamPress!


Proud of the teams at @DreamHost, who have officially moved one of our fastest growing products to our @OpenStack infrastructure. πŸŽ‰


Tomorrow is the first of many DreamHost Website Club meetings! Inspired by Homebrew Website Club, but for our employees to spend company time working on building their own websites. Should be exciting!


@admiyoung not everyone has the privilege of just ignoring 45 and just saying "we'll be fine, eventually."