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Oh, cool, another reason to hate the Dallas Cowboys. Shame on you, Jerry. You’re acting like a plantation owner. Gross.


Sad that Mark Walton is done for the year. My guess is he bounces for the NFL. Richt is going to have to get creative.


Can this day of football last forever please?


Finally watching the game and just caught Richards’ block on our first FG drive. He brought the pain!


Thanks for the birthday present, @CanesFootball!


Watched The Princess Bride with the kids for the first time tonight. 🎉


I really wish there was a fully automated, simple way to rip/remux Blu-Ray disks. Like the days of insert CD, iTunes fetch from CDDB, click.


Entitled jerk sitting across the aisle from me in first class on my @Delta flight. Flight attendant handles perfectly!


Pet peeve: people who refuse to check bags, and end up carrying on so much stuff, they can’t get down the aisle without knocking into me.


Headed to Seattle to reach out and touch some @DreamHost customers! ✈️


Okay, now he is blasting Metallica’s one and singing “hold my breath as I wish for death!” Thick Korean accent. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


My Lyft driver is listening to intense k-pop love ballads. Oh, and he is signing along. I’m living my best life.


I really love @Keybase, and this is such a great feature. Already moved my dotfiles repo over!


Curious to hear @atpfm's thoughts: could I set a HomePod as the default output device for an Apple TV? Soundbar alternative!


Will it be possible to set a HomePod as default audio output device for an Apple TV? Might be a good soundbar alternative for my great room.


Well, that was fun. A missed Ubuntu dep caused SSH not to start on my website's VM. At least I know I still have chroot skillz.


I don't even know what to say anymore. We will continue to struggle with tragedy until our actions exceed our thoughts and prayers.


Confession: I’m completely obsessive about loading the dishwasher efficiently.


Oh, that UCLA defender is about to get tossed. He brought the hit stick!