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My good friend David Schumann, long-time movie trailer editor, is making a movie! He's crowd funding the film, and I'm supporting him. Take a look at the project, and consider supporting him too. 🎥🍿




Chocolates? 🍫✅
Flowers? 💐✅
Dinner reservations? 🍽✅
Special presents to share? 🎁✅

I’ve got @cleverangel’s birthday on 🔒!


Happy birthday to my lovely wife @cleverangel! I love you! 😘


Helping my dad, @IntlBuzz, get set up with a Micro.blog account.


I have started to think of Micro.blog as a wonderful discovery and aggregation service for the IndieWeb. It fits neatly into my Microsub reader, enables me to find new people to follow and interact with, and integrates perfectly with my website through Webmentions. 👏🏻


This is precisely why I prefer Micro.blog’s model. It’s decentralized for individual websites, but centralized from a network perspective, enabling strong community guidelines and enforcement.



Channeling my grandmother, Sarah Lincoln, “I’d rather just open my mouth and let the sun shine in!”


Back at the Hollywood Bowl for the second time this week. SoCal summers ❤️


Taking to see Teen Titans Go! To the Movies! Special times with the boy. ❤️


I've got two tickets to the Hollywood Bowl tonight to see Empire Strikes Back live in concert with the LA Phil. My son bailed on me. Who wants to join me?!


After a lot of research, I think I may be investing in a GPD XD Plus for my portable retro-gaming device. It’ll be an adventure into Android land for me, but it should be fun.


That said, there has never been a better time to join the and Micro.blog has made it easier than ever before. I can’t recommend it enough.


Seeing a lot of my Twitter connections considering abandoning the platform. I’m getting close to that myself. It’s becoming abundantly clear that Twitter’s values don’t align with mine.


I’ve suddenly got the urge to build a retro-gaming handheld. The only kit I’ve found that comes close to what I want is the Freeplay CM3, but it has no analog sticks. Hmm... what to do?


This is my new favorite thought experiment.



Just watched my little girl in a nine-song mini production of Hamilton. She didn’t throw away her shot! 🎭


In good news, I've pre-ordered some XDA Oblique keycaps, which are reminiscent of the classic AEK II. Can't wait to put them on!


We have an iOS-native version of Indiepaper ready to go, but I can't submit it to the App Store because of a bug with Apple. Its been two weeks since notifying them, and still no resolution.


If you're using my service to generate an "On This Day" page for your Micro.blog site, it's now an order of magnitude faster thanks to optimization. To see the benefits, you'll just need to have posted recently! - https://github.com/cleverdevil/micromemories


Thanks for all the feedback on video game systems for little ones. We've decided on a Nintendo 2DS for the kiddo!