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A creative technologist, executive, and product leader with a passion for conceiving, building, and operating products and platforms.


SVP, Product & Technology; DreamHost -- 2016-Present

In 2016, I was promoted to Senior Vice President, providing executive oversight over all DreamHost platforms and products, including:

VP, Cloud; DreamHost -- 2014-2016

Acting as General Manager for the DreamHost Cloud Business Unit, owning every aspect of the business of DreamHost Cloud Services, including marketing, development, operations, profit and loss, and product management for:

DreamHost Cloud enabled DreamHost to access Enterprise customers for the first time in its history, including the acquisition of DreamHost's largest-ever customer by revenue.

After succesfully building high-scale, performant storage and compute clouds for customers, DreamHost started the process in 2016 of migrating its existing products and services to the DreamHost Cloud to achieve improved agility, reliability, and performance.

VP, Product and Development; DreamHost -- 2013

Introduced and implemented Product Management as a discipline to bring market-driven focus to DreamHost.

VP, Software Development; DreamHost -- 2011-2013

Joined DreamHost, a leading independent web hosting and cloud services provider, to modernize the software development practice, increasing agility and throughput.

VP, Software Products; Pictage -- 2010-2011

Following ShootQ's acquisition, transitioned to oversee the creation of software products and platforms at Pictage, an industry leading eCommerce platform and photography lab for professional photographers.

Chief Technology Officer, ShootQ; -- 2007-2010

Co-founded ShootQ, the first web-based studio management solution for professional photographers. Directed all product and technology activities, including:

Through successful development, operations, and product planning, ShootQ acquired thousands of users, quickly growing to become the defacto standard for cloud-based studio management, culminating in its acquisition by Pictage, Inc. in July of 2010.

Development Team Leader, Optio Software -- 2006-2007

Directed small teams of programmers, quality assurance specialists, and technical writers in an agile development environment. During this time, I was in charge of teams working on a variety of projects.

In addition to work with Optio's healthcare business, I also had the opportunity to work with Optio's enterprise development teams, providing my web development expertise to the ProCentra project, and performing imaging technology research for Optio's Senior Team.

In 2006, I was also awarded Optio's Employee of the Year award.

Systems Analyst, Optio Software -- 2004-2006

In 2004, VertiSoft was acquired by Optio Software, where my work on the QuickRecord Suite continued:

Software Developer, VertiSoft -- 2003-2004

After concluding a six-year part-time relationship with VertiSoft, I started full-time in 2003. During this time, I played a pivotal role in designing and implementing version 4.0 of the QuickRecord Suite in Python and C#, including:

Education and Certifications

Georgia Institute of Technology -- B.S. Computer Science, 2003

Fellow, Python Software Foundation

Elected to the Python Software Foundation in 2011 as a Fellow, recognizing contributions and impact on the Python langauage and community.




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