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Summary for May, 2019

In May, 2019, Jonathan posted 195 times.

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26 updates
Just noticed that @OvercastFM supports "handoff" to the Mac using the Overcast web player. Just click on the Safari handoff icon in the dock! This will help hold me over until a macOS version of Overcast arrives post-Marzipan. 😃 https://cleverdevil.io/s/Z45MuX4bBF6BXRoGTmaI5q49ComjTWSqDHZvKCAfeTlLJ3RmXzMgVoVbRUPUBBsksGfWzeDlPXeVKnknobc7YbolVqCrrKmT4lzu.png
Today has been fun. I've had the chance to speak with customers who are looking for guidance on a variety of topics, from understanding their AWS bill, to application performance issues, to security in the cloud. Love being in this category. Helping people is fun! ☁️
So, do they air the real Game of Thrones episode after tonight’s fan-fic, or is it supposed to air tomorrow or something?
Massive kudos to Microsoft on innovating with WSL. The changes in WSL2 look amazing, and I honestly with I had a similar experience on my macOS laptop. Microsoft shipping a Linux kernel with Windows would make 17 year old me's head explode.
Oh, for more context, here is the announcement for WSL2 – https://devblogs.microsoft.com/commandline/announcing-wsl-2/
Great thread. While I think it's laudable that the Chrome team is making strides when it comes to privacy, I continue to be skeptical that they'll ever be fully committed given the misalignment between Google's business model and true privacy. https://twitter.com/johnwilander/status/1126190653312868352
The newest 11” iPad Pro with 256 GB of storage is on sale at Amazon for $150 off right now. Just clicked buy myself! https://amzn.to/2LBOIDe
We all thought that #GameOfThrones was a metaphor for climate change, but it turns out it was just a story about how power corrupts, war is awful, and people are terrible. Speaking of terrible things: how about this season of Game of Thrones? Woof.
The most important lesson I have ever learned as a manager of people: family comes first. Give your team room to be there for their family. They’ll be there for you, too.
My goodness I can’t stand the TSA. I’m pre-check and pay for CLEAR as well as Global Entry. I still get randomly selected for screening and have to opt out of invasive body scans. I’d pay extra to never have to deal with them again.
Finally booked my travel for the 2019 IndieWeb Summit next month in Portland, OR. One of my favorite events of the year in one of my favorite cities to visit. – https://2019.indieweb.org/summit
Earlier this week, I attended a fundraiser at a brewery and glanced at the signup form for the brewery’s email list. The list had a few dozen people, but every single address ended in “gmail.com,” “yahoo.com,” or “iCloud.com.” https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/17/google-gmail-tracks-purchase-history-how-to-delete-it.html
My personal email is on my own domain, but is backed by Google’s GSuite. They claim that they don’t index and use the content for ads like they do with GMail, but I am skeptical. Maybe this year is when I finally migrate my email elsewhere... #FreeIsntFree
To those asking why I haven’t already moved my email off of Google, the answer is simple: moving it all would cost me several hundred dollars per month on Fastmail or ProtonMail. Google’s GSuite email hosting has always been walled off from their ad machine as well.
All that said, I am thinking its time to move a subset of my email off of Google anyway. Perhaps I will start with just my personal account and my wife’s personal account, which will greatly reduce the cost, and address the vast majority of my privacy concerns.
I know Game of Thrones ended pretty poorly, but I am honestly pretty excited for HBO’s Westworld now that I’ve seen the season three preview – https://mobile.twitter.com/WestworldHBO/status/1130278213668753409
If I were a Jeopardy category, I would be “Potent Potables.” #JeopardyYourself
I just solved a problem with mDNS and Docker, which means I've hipstered enough for the day.
Overheard in my living room: Neighbor kid: “Siri. Siri! SIRI!” ... Neighbor kid: “Colette, what is your Alexa called?! She isn’t listening!” #GottaSayHeySiri
Very intrigued by Ulysses with its latest update, which includes a native “split view” on iPad. That said, I am currently pretty happy with Drafts. Are there other major benefits for Ulysses over Drafts?
I have started tracking my sleep habits using the excellent AutoSleep app – http://autosleep.tantsissa.com/ – Highly recommended. I charge my Apple Watch when I wake up while I am getting ready.
My iOS Health database is filled with information now, and I think I’ve decided that my project for IndieWeb Summit will be to integrate HealthKit with my website. Collaborators welcome! Especially collaborators with iOS development experience! 👨🏻‍⚕️
Off to Chicago to speak at the @awscloud Summit! I’ll be sharing about building my connected BBQ grill and smoker, which is potentially the most practical use of #IoT ever. ✈️☁️🐷🔥 #CloudSmoke
Happy to see a new iPod Touch released. Great device for kids. I just wish they’d update it more often, and release a re-design which matches newer design language.
In Chicago today for @awscloud Summit. I'll be speaking about my connected BBQ at 12:30 PM in the Developer Lounge, and will be at the @MissionCloud booth #728 frequently. Come say "hello" 😀
In flight headed back home after a great week in Chicago. I’m simultaneously energized and exhausted! Looking forward to a nice weekend with the family.


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