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Summary for February, 2020

In February, 2020, Jonathan posted 120 times.

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12 updates
Disneyland on a Saturday. What could possibly go wrong?
Reasonable people will disagree with me about that Google ad, and thatโ€™s OK. It was super well done. I just disagree with the fundamental message and find it exploitative and gross. Itโ€™s cool if you donโ€™t. I still love you :)
My daughter just said โ€œShakira has a huge wedgieโ€ and I think, in hindsight, 4K was a bad idea.
After many weeks of waiting on shipping, I finally got my Paperlike screen cover for my iPad Pro, and I have to say, its pretty spectacular. A little fiddly to install, but they provide a helpful video. Feels and looks awesome. ๐Ÿค“
My poor wife and daughter have the flu. The LaCour familyโ€™s unlucky health streak continues.
On the other hand, I got a new car, and am quite excited about it. Another Alfa Romeo Giulia, this time in metallic black with all black exterior accents and rims. Inside is red leather. Itโ€™s a proper mid-life crisis car. ๐Ÿคฃ
About to head back to LA from Palo Alto after a very successful, though very short, business trip. I had the pleasure of presenting in the beautiful @awscloud Palo Alto office on the topic of microservices. Thanks for the opportunity!
There are rumors of Apple loosening its grip on iOS in 2020. I'd love to see the ability to change default apps (mail, calendar, etc) and an official way to sideload apps. I think the former is likely, the latter isn't.
If I could only have one of those two? I'd take sideloading. I am all for Apple policing its own store, but leave room for devs and users to explore. You already have notorization as a mechanism to block baddies.
Honeydew : Fruit Salad :: Pretzels : Snack Mix #discuss #snackythoughts
Instead of calling it the Democratic Presidential Debate, letโ€™s just call it The Comedy Central Roast of Michael Bloomberg.
It happened: I finally moved completely over to NeoVim, with vim-plug and friends. Its a brave new world, folks.


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