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Summary for July, 2021

In July, 2021, Jonathan posted 72 times.

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  • 39 Watching
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4 updates
Finished Loki last night. I really enjoyed it, overall. The finale was a bit heavy handed, with too much exposition, but I think it was worth it to introduce an incredible villain with deep history in Marvel lore.
I decided that it would be a good time to read Anathem again. I think it has surpassed Snow Crash as my favorite Stephenson book.
Lost in all of the (justified) criticism about Safari's new tab UI is how great the new "tab groups" feature is. Segmenting browser tabs into "workspaces" that sync across devices is great for organization. I'd even be OK with tabs being in the sidebar as list items...
My new workflow for processing emails, tasks, and notes with Obsidian and Mimestream has had me at Inbox Zero across personal and work accounts for a week. #productivity


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