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Summary for April, 2022

In April, 2022, Jonathan posted 231 times.

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  • 4 Status updates
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4 updates
Had a scary power surge in the house last night that blew several surge protectors. One of the SPs blew so violently that it flew across the room and was smoking. Change your surge protectors every two years! Get a nice UPS or three!
Hello, micro.blog friends! I needed to update microgram and micromemories for technical reasons (moving from Python 3.6 to Python 3.9 runtimes on AWS Lambda because of deprecation). Let me know if you have issues!
While we'll never be able to recreate and recapture precisely what Twitter is (was?), I do think that the best option for most people looking for community, a great place to post and read content, ease of use, and appropriate moderation, check out Micro.blog.
Y’all, I missed NoHo Hank so much more than I thought. #Barry