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Summary for June, 2022

In June, 2022, Jonathan posted 118 times.

  • 9 Status updates
  • 37 Listen
  • 11 Locations
  • 60 Watching
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9 updates
Subodh from “Love on the Spectrum” is my favorite. What a joyful soul. I hope he finds love and lives forever making the world better.
William and I have been in the desert without Lacey, Colette, and the pups, and its been special. We’ve BBQ’d some ribs, played video games, done lots of swimming in the pool, ordered pizza, watched Obi-Wan, and invented pool games.
I also just spent 15 minutes FaceTiming with Colette. She shared her iPad screen with me to show me all of the fun design elements for her bedroom redesign. She’s got *opinions* y’all. Design opinions are in her blood.
In case you can’t tell, I love my kids. A lot. Which is cool, because basically every other child makes me want to launch myself into the sun.
Finished Stranger Things 4: Vol. 1 today. The first half of Vol. 1 was difficult for me to get through, but the back half returned to the form of prior seasons, with a focus on characters. Happy I stuck with it! The reveal was 🤩
Hoo hoo hoo, the season finale of Barry was epic. Bill Hader directed the episode, and absolutely nailed it. 👏🏻
Installed an RGB bulb with RF control in my pool to be the primary light. Was a little effort, but totally worth it! Makes my late night soaks even more relaxing.
Still thinking about the Barry finale… I have no idea where the story goes from here, but I can’t wait to find out!
Two episodes into the third season of For All Mankind. Such a great show! If you haven’t watched it yet, now is a great time to start.