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Summary for August, 2022

In August, 2022, Jonathan posted 71 times.

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8 updates
Finally watched the trailer for Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman. My goodness, is it promising. Crossing my fingers that it lives up to the source material!
Time for an afternoon cafecito. #espuma #bueno
OBS Studio 28.0 Beta 1 added support for Apple Silicon, and so far its working great for me. So much more efficient. Worth a look if you rely on OBS!
After a long stint in Palm Desert, I’m back in LA. That means cooler evenings and hot tub soaks rather than late night floats in the pool. California is the best!
For All Mankind! What. An. Episode. Absolutely stunning hour of television. 🚀✨
So, the penultimate episode of For All Mankind was significantly better than the finale, which was… fine. The season overall was fantastic, though!
Y’all, he just misread “Top Secret” as “Pop Secret.” The man loves popcorn, that’s all.
After an hour of fiddling with Channels DVR, Plex, and sketchy Docker containers, I have built a Rube Goldberg machine that makes my YouTube TV service work with Plex Live TV and DVR.