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Summary for January, 2023

In January, 2023, Jonathan posted 92 times.

  • 29 Status updates
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29 updates
Made a very successful New Years Eve dinner. Sous vide ribeye roast, encrusted with spices, and and then finished on a ripping hot grill. French scalloped potatoes with shallots and nutmeg. Roasted asparagus with balsamic vinaigrette. Nothing too complicated. Just delicious!
Bad news: I despise UGA. Good news: I despise OSU* Two amazing semifinal games for once! Now, we hope against hope that TCU wins it all.
Completed Spider-Man: Remastered last night on my #SteamDeck. What a great game! The story was fun, the villains interesting, and the overall mechanics were easy to grasp. Next up, I am going to play through Uncharted 4, and then I’ll start Spider-Man: Miles Morales.
As far as I can tell, there isn’t a single streaming device that I can buy that can support streaming content from Plex with Dolby Vision and TrueHD Atmos. Apple TV only supports Atmos with lossy Dolby Digital, and supports a fraction of Dolby Vision, for example. Gimme a streaming box for home theater geeks!
Had a blast tonight at the Palm Springs Film Festival awards. Lots of amazing and talented people present - Viola Davis, Cate Blanchett, Speilberg, Seth Rogen, Michelle Yeoh, Sally Field, Bill Nighy, Colin Ferrell, etc. Lacey was able to speak briefly with Austin Butler, who she had prior given a letter and gift to express her appreciation for his performance in Elvis. He kindly remembered the gift and letter and we snapped a photo of Lacey with him. So nice.
Great article that goes in-depth on one of my favorite video game soundtracks of all time: Y’s Book I & II. Don’t miss the amazing soundtrack from the PC version! Metal as hell. https://retroxp.substack.com/p/the-music-of-ys-i-and-ii
Discovered the Philips Hue API and have already made my life better. Now, with a single tap or voice command, my back yard in the desert is set for a perfect evening of floating in the pool. Pool heater and pump on. Colorful pool light enabled. Motion detectors deactivated. Entire outdoor lightning system set to a dynamic, colorful palette.
I’d love to see TCU win tonight. Even more, I’d love to see Georgia lose. That said, I think Georgia will run away with it. Would love to be wrong!
Hot Fuzz is an all-time great. Movie masterpiece.
Someone should create a service that enables people to establish and retain an identity in the Fediverse. Its great that you can move from instance-to-instance on Mastodon, with redirection, but it would be better if the instance that a user was on was largely irrelevant. You should be “@ user @ your domain” and seamlessly be able to change backend instances.
I’d like to find a new calendar app for macOS and iOS. I have been using Fantastical for years now, but it doesn’t really fit my brain anymore, and the subscription price is really high. Any recommended alternatives? I need both iCloud and Google Calendar integration.
Finished the first season of The White Lotus last night. Such a unique show. No heroes, just fleeting moments of authentic joy. No villains, just the constant reminder of imperialism and classism.
Happy Apple is bringing back a full-size HomePod. That said, it doesn’t seem like they learned much from the first one. Price is still too high. No inputs. Wouldn’t be surprised if it suffers the same fate.
Fuck the TSA now and forever.
I am using a Shortcut to post via #Micropub to my website, which automatically syndicates to Mastodon. I wish I read, post, reply, and interact from a single app.
Finished Spider-Man: Miles Morales on my #SteamDeck. Good game. Not as good as Spider-Man Remastered, though. A lot less content, and the first one had so many big baddies to fight. Still recommended!
Watched the first episode of The Last of Us last night in the home theater and really enjoyed it. Pedro Pascal is spot on as Joel. Still not sold on Bella Ramsey as Ellie, but there wasn’t much opportunity to shine yet.
Watched “Everything Everywhere All At Once” last night. I had high expectations that were not met. It was fine, and at moments very funny, but I found the message to be incredibly off-putting.
YouTube’s algorithm decided to put a toxic “men’s rights” video in front of my nine year old boy. Thankfully, he sent it to me and we had an opportunity to talk about it together. Still, I’m sad that it happened at all, and worse, that there isn’t a way to prevent it other than taking away YouTube.
Just finished “The Batman,” and I won’t say it was the worst Batman movie of all time, but it was pretty bad. Yikes.
I see people defending hateful views by using religion as a crutch. Does your religion *really* require you to question the identity of the entire LGBTQ+ community? Find out for sure. If you conclude that the answer is “yes,” perhaps consider what that implies about your religion.
Today I had my normal two cups of self-brewed coffee in the morning and then a third from my favorite coffee shop in the early afternoon. I’m vibrating. Is that bad?
In The Year of our Lord 2023, I am thinking about buying an NVIDIA Shield Pro that was last updated in 2019. The state of streaming media players for home theater geeks? Not good, folks.
This week I was suspended from Instagram (which I no longer post to, but still have an account to follow friends) for using an Insta-to-RSS plugin. Now, they’re letting the insurrectionist ex-POTUS back. Facebook gonna Facebook, y’all.
Back to pondering if Pat Rothfuss is ever going to finish book three of the Kingkiller Chronicle…
A little over half way through season two of The White Lotus, and it feels a lot darker to me than season one.
First time at Disneyland in ages. Birthday weekend for the kiddo!
Star Wars land is so cool. Every time I come it feels magical. Today will be my first time on Rise of the Resistance, which I’m amped for!
Rise of the Resistance was E P I C! 🤓🛸🚀