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Summary for February, 2023

In February, 2023, Jonathan posted 94 times.

  • 16 Status updates
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16 updates
“The mushroom zombie show made me sob uncontrollably” is not a thing I expected to say, but here we are.
Our daughter was invited to a sleep over, and we said it was okay provided that all attendees did rapid COVID tests first. The hosts were very supportive, but one of the invited children’s parents flipped out. Happy to see that the hosts didn’t back down. ❤️
This Netflix password sharing thing is going to be a pain in the ass. We split time between two locations, and now we will have to do gymnastics to continue to use Netflix. Honestly, they’ve fallen so far in quality, I may just cancel it.
Finished the second season of “The White Lotus” this evening, and I enjoyed it even more than the first. Social commentary, comedy, intrigue, and great writing.
My projector will receive a firmware update soon that dramatically improves black levels and handling of 24fps content. The bad news? The upgrade process requires me to order a bizarre Chinese remote and to connect the projector to a computer running Windows. Which I don’t have.
So it’s time to play the game, “can I run Windows with USB passthrough in a VM on an M1 MacBook Pro?” Stay tuned for the very boring saga!
The great “Install Win 10 amd64 in UTM on my M1 Mac” experiment has commenced, and is progressing well. How will it end? Will our hero survive and overcome the architectural divide? Will USB passthrough function? Stay tuned for our exciting conclusion!
Wrote a fun newsletter about my project to create a Raspbery Pi powered “musicbox” for my daughter. Check it out! - https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7027354072890372096
📠 Every margarita deserves a little Tajin 📠
Made some excellent cheesesteaks at halftime. Not authentic, but super tasty! #SuperBowl
Ferrari absolutely crushed it with the SF-23 livery. It looks phenomenal, especially that rear wing and the black highlights. Let’s go! #F1 #EssereFerrari
Finally got around to watching Birds of Prey tonight and absolutely loved it. Margot Robbie was perfect, and we need more Mary Elizabeth Winstead action movies immediately.
Found an open box HDFury VRROOM for a great price and went for it today. It will allow me to trick my projector into displaying Dolby Vision / LLDV content. Results on AVSForum look stunning. Excited!
Joel and Ellie are mushroom zombie Sam and Frodo.
SQLite is so darn useful. Yesterday, I used its built-in CSV ingestion capability on a personal project to turn a large CSV file into a queryable database in seconds. Awesome tool in the toolbelt.
Y’all, its #F1 race week. I can’t believe its finally here! I am optimistic that the Scuderia will be improved on race strategy and reliability. I think they should close the gap to Red Bull, but it will be tough to improve on P2. #EssereFerrari