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Listened to First Win For Sainz In Crazy British Grand Prix

On this episode of DNF, Jessica Smetana, Spencer Hall, and guest Mike Golic Jr. break down an incredible British Grand Prix that saw Zhou Guanyu thankfully survive a horrific crash, Carlos Sainz win his first race in Formula 1 in his 150th try, Sergio Perez come from last to 2nd, and an incredible conclusion to the race where Lewis Hamilton just beat out Charles Leclerc for 3rd after yet more questionable strategy from Ferrari. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices



Listened to Verstappen Holds Off Sainz To Win Canadian Grand Prix

Spencer Hall leads this one after Jessica Smetana started last week on mute as the pair discuss Max Verstappen winning his 5th race in his last 6, Lewis Hamilton being overjoyed to finish in 3rd, Charles Leclerc’s climb from 20th to 5th, and all of the other major talking points from the Canadian Grand Prix.



Listened to DYNASTY TIME

Listened to DYNASTY TIME

—Why is Ben Franklin smiling on the 100 bill? Because he’s pantsless —NCAA FOOTBALL IS BACK! (Again. Not more than it was. On the way? BACK.) —Ryan on why Congress should pass legislation to bring back Banjo and Kazooie —A brief diversion into a musical about Aaron Burr slapping Alexander Hamilton to death —Which schools in the new NCAA video game that should be inherently corrupt —The challenge of putting fake facilities in the game more absurd than the real ones —Did you know Auburn’s current football facility has a flight simulator? You do now! —A proposal for real coaches, i.e. your staff might be mostly inept family members —BOOSTER MODE —Holly issues an amazing challenge for next week’s episode

By Shutdown Fullcast


Watched Hamilton (2020)

Presenting the tale of American founding father Alexander Hamilton, this filmed version of the original Broadway smash hit is the story of America then, told by America now.

Watched on Trakt


Listened to Upgrade 305: A High School Production of Dracula

This week services are in the spotlight, as Apple TV+ adds material, Apple News gets some bad news, Apple Arcade redefines its ideal game, and we watch “Hamilton” on Disney+.

By Upgrade


Just watched my little girl in a nine-song mini production of Hamilton. She didn’t throw away her shot! 🎭


Listened to 42: Myke at the Matinee: “Hamilton”

It’s not a movie, it’s a theatre phenomenon—and now that Myke has seen “Hamilton” in London and Jason has seen it in “San Francisco”, it’s time to talk about it. (This conversation originally appeared in Upgrade 177 on Relay FM, but features six minutes of additional material.)…

By Myke at the Movies


San Diego with Lacey

1 min read



Dinner and drinks before our second viewing of Hamilton at the San Diego Civic Theatre.



Late brunch “the morning after.” The view was far better than the food.


Turns out that, yes, Hamilton is just as amazing the second time.


Checked into Grant Grill

Grant Grill

Dinner and drinks before Hamilton!


Headed to San Diego to take Lacey to see Hamilton this evening after a (hopefully) amazing dinner. Then, a night in a five star hotel suite! Merry Christmas to @cleverangel from the whole family 🍾


Oh yeah! Ron Dayne! Remember when he stole Joe Hamilton’s heisman trophy?