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I had an amazing time at . Excited for the future of the open web!


Success! Just added Micropub Media Endpoint support for @WithKnown! 🎉


Excited for day two of ! Starting off by helping attendees get started with @WordPress and .


Used @Ipstenu's "Bury Your Queers" Alexa Skill as an example of amazing tech in this session!


There are so many stunningly interesting and talented people here at . Doing such cool things!


"Code is liability. Focus on results."


Now @anomalily is sharing how she uses @WordPress as a great way to be a part of the @IWS2017.


Now, WebRing gets a shoutout in an keynote! Thanks, @liewegas!


Now, @Kraft gets a nice mention in @t's keynote for jumping into the community. Welcome 🌈 is getting a lot of love in @t's keynote at for launching native.


Introductions to all of the wonderful global organizers for @IndieWebCamp followed by a CoC review! 👏🏻