Everyone welcome my lovely wife @cleverangel to Micro.blog! She's hosted on Micro.blog at her domain http://cleverangel.org.

I've decided to stop syndicating certain types of content to Micro.blog, including Checkins, Replies, and Likes, in favor of keeping those exclusively on my website.

I think it'll make for a more pleasant experience for my followers 👍🏻

On a related note, Micro.blog is already shaping up to be a lovely platform for sharing and viewing photos. In order. Without ads. Sunlit 2.0 should make it even better.

Now, I just need to make my CMS work better with both 😀

Yay, welcome @donmelton to Micro.blog!

Again, welcome to the joys of the IndieWeb. I, too, share your concerns about the long-term viability of community oriented projects like Known, Brid.gy, etc. I've recently heard it suggested that perhaps IndieWeb work should be managed under the umbrella of a foundation, which is supported by active community members and corporate sponsors.

The other encouraging note is that commercial endeavors are popping up that support IndieWeb specs and share similar philosophies. Notably, I like what I'm seeing from Micro.blog.

Micro Monday: Eddie Hinkle

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Its our first ever Micro Monday, people! Thanks to @manton and @macgenie for deciding to make this happen. I think its a great way to grow the community of Indie Bloggers and Micro.blog itself. My first recommendation for my followers is @eddiehinkle.

Eddie is a fellow IndieWeb developer that I've enjoyed getting to know over the past year or two. Eddie works on an iOS app called Indigenous:

Indigenous is an iOS app that is in development. It’s goal is to provide a native iOS interface to the indieweb movement.

Indigenous is open source, written in Apple's Swift programming language. If you're an IndieWeb-curious developer on Apple platforms, I'd encourage you to get involved with Eddie, and help him with Indigenous!

In addition to his work on the IndieWeb, I also appreciate following Eddie because he writes thoughtful posts about, you know, being a human. Its always refreshing to see someone share how their faith informs their life in an open and honest, accepting way.

Thanks for being awesome, Eddie!

Love to see all of the new activity on Micro.blog after the latest 💩☔️ over on Twitter. Welcome, everyone!

If you want to follow my smoker on Micro.blog, check it out at https://micro.blog/JonsHotMeat ... I'm doing a cook right now!

I wonder if @manton knows the folks behind Twitterific, Tweetbot, et al? Would be amazing if he could convince them to support Micro.blog.

One thing I loved about the early days of Twitter was the UX innovation from third-party clients like Twitterific and Tweetie. I’d love to see that happen for Micro.blog, and RSS, JSON Feed, Micropub, Webmention, and other IndieWeb concepts make it entirely possible.

Really loving the ever-expanding community of indie bloggers on Micro.blog. It really does feel like the “good old days” of Twitter!

Now that Micro.blog is open, and filling with wonderful people, I think we need to start something like the old school Follow Friday. Micro Mondays? Indie Windsdies?

Congrats @manton! The new Micro.blog updates are fantastic. Huge milestone 🎉

Sifting through the notes and videos from #IndieWebCamp Austin, and really wishing I could have attended! Lots of awesome information and details. I'm especially interested in @manton's progress on Micro.blog. – https://indieweb.org/2017/Austin

Can all the people I care about on Twitter please just go ahead and join Micro.blog so I can stop checking Twitter? 😜