Really enjoying Brianna Privett’s talk at #WCUS about using @WordPress to own your digital presence. She uses the phrase “digital legacy,” which I adore! I wonder if @briannaorg knows about the #IndieWeb movement?

Tom Petty:

1. Overrated.
2. Not Alive.


I’m at a bar in Nashville and they’re singing County Roads and Sweet Home Alabama. I just shouted “ALEXA PLAY ROCKY TOP” as loud as I could. Didn’t work. #KiffinForUT

I’m in Nashville for the weekend. Any @CanesFootball fans around? I want to watch the #ACCCG with some Canes! #WooshWoosh

Another day, another flight out of LAX, and another opportunity to experience the objectively inferior new @Delta terminals (2&3). SkyClubs are tiny and crowded.

Still a largely happy @Delta Medallion member, but wish they hadn’t made the move out of Terminal 5.

A+ would read again.

The President of the United States is a traitor.

65 million of us warned you.

Thrilled to see Pink Martini tonight at the Ace Hotel Theatre in #DTLA! They put on an amazing show, and this venue looks gorgeous.

Get well soon, AR82. It’s amazing what the Canes have been able to do with the minimal depth they have. Let’s see if they have another miracle in them at the ACCCG! #BeatClemson

Heading home after a productive trip to AWS re:Invent. Amazon’s pace of innovation continues to accelerate.

Another delicious @impossiblefoods Impossible Burger for lunch today at The Counter. I'm a meat eater, but this burger is delicious! Give it a try if you haven't already.

People really hate the Frozen short playing before Pixar’s new film Coco

Good heavens, yes. The experience of sitting through this garbage before watching Coco significantly dampened the experience of what was otherwise a wonderful film. Shame on Disney/Pixar for this one!