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After a long stint in Palm Desert, I’m back in LA. That means cooler evenings and hot tub soaks rather than late night floats in the pool. California is the best!


OBS Studio 28.0 Beta 1 added support for Apple Silicon, and so far its working great for me. So much more efficient. Worth a look if you rely on OBS!


Time for an afternoon cafecito.


Finally watched the trailer for Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman. My goodness, is it promising. Crossing my fingers that it lives up to the source material!


I purchased some Zygo Solo headphones to use in the pool a few months ago, and they’re life changing. Late night podcast listening while floating in the water? 🧑‍🍳💋


Finally got around to setting up my audiobook library in Plex. I now have automatic conversion/merging from MP3 to M4B, automatic tagging, and metadata/artwork download. Plus, an awesome iOS client. Whee!


What We Do in the Shadows is back, and the creature that crawled out of the body of Colin Robinson is my favorite little sidekick since Baby Yoda.


Does anyone else find it irritating that mainstream podcasts don’t know what chapters are? Beautifully produced podcasts with no chapters. Why? Just why?!


Ms. Marvel? Nearly perfect. That is all.


Seasoning up the new griddle in preparation for its maiden voyage this weekend. 🔥💨


Update on my IoT project – the common RF transmitter modules for the Raspberry Pi just don’t have the “oomph” to control my pool light. Moving on to hacking a Sonoff RF Bridge as an alternative…


So close to being a perfect race for Ferrari. Gutted for Carlos, but awesome to see Charles have a great race for the first time in months. P1 over Max in his house. If only Carlos could have grabbed P2! 🏎


Next I want to do something more ambitious. My goal would be to transform a retro 80s/90s tiny PC into a "cyberdeck" with a touchscreen, running Linux or Android. Candidates - Atari Portfolio, HP Jornada, Psion Series 5, Sharp PC-3000, IBM PalmTop PC 110. Suggestions?


Making progress on my latest IoT project, which will let me control the RGB LED pool lamp I recently installed. It's controlled by an RF remote. I am using a Raspberry Pi and an RF transmitter and receiver, and some custom Python code. Hoping to finish this weekend! 🤓


Those last two episodes of Stranger Things were wild. The scene featuring Master of Puppets was amazing! S4 impressed, and they’ve set up quite a final season with the ending.


Two episodes into the third season of For All Mankind. Such a great show! If you haven’t watched it yet, now is a great time to start.


Still thinking about the Barry finale… I have no idea where the story goes from here, but I can’t wait to find out!


Installed an RGB bulb with RF control in my pool to be the primary light. Was a little effort, but totally worth it! Makes my late night soaks even more relaxing.