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Iโ€™m a sucker for obscure handheld retro gaming devices. Intrigued by the new ODROID-GO Advance. Seems like a fun little piece of kit!


Last week I got knocked out with an infection which Iโ€™ve managed with antibiotics. This week, I am in Chicago on business and got food poisoning last night and am stuck in my bed attempting to keep fluids down. Rough couple of weeks ๐Ÿ˜ท


If youโ€™re a person or business who claims to care about privacy and data ownership, please stop using Facebook, Instagram, and other FB properties to drive โ€œengagementโ€ or build โ€œcommunities.โ€ Youโ€™re failing your customers / followers.


Finally finished watching Mr. Robot last night. Without spoiling anything, Iโ€™ll just say that it was so wonderfully executed, and was a beautiful closure to a great story. The most impressive part was how respectful it was of humanity and the struggles of mental health. Blown away.


Untitled Goose Game, but with a mischievous pug.


I have a small number of YouTube channels and creators that I enjoy following, but I really dislike the experience of using YouTube on the web and on iOS. So, I whipped up a script that automatically downloads YouTube content and adds it to my Plex server. So much better!


Maybe we should find a new stable genius. Ours is proving to be unstable and stupid.


William dropped my Nintendo Switch in the toilet yesterday, insta-killing it. The good news is that Nintendo apparently will repair it for $100 plus tax and shipping.


Update: Colette is going to be fine. Thankfully ruled out the serious possibilities. Now, on to celebrate the New Year!


Thanks for the well wishes, folks. I think she will be okay. She hadnโ€™t been feeling well for a while, and then had a bad spill on her bike yesterday and started vomiting and fever today. No outside injuries, but they just want to rule out any internal damage. Best to be safe!


Iโ€™m getting to spend New Years Eve with Colette in the ER. Poor little thing has to have a CT scan ๐Ÿ˜ท


Hahahaha, Iโ€™ll always be good with Ohio State* losing in a Fiesta Bowl. Good riddance.